BJP worker washes MP Nishikant Dubey’s feet, drinks same water; Viral picture faces public lash
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Jharkhand: BJP worker washes MP Nishikant Dubey’s feet, drinks same water; Picture goes viral

BJP Godda MP, Nishikant Dubey is facing a harsh public lash after he shared a picture with one of his party workers, during the inauguration of a bridge in Kanbhara, Jharkhand. One of his party workers washed his feet in a religious ceremony and drank the water afterward.

image source- eenaduindia

Dubey himself posted this picture on his social media account with the caption, “Today I am feeling like a small worker. On this auspicious occasion of bridge construction, BJP worker Pavan Shah, washed my feet in front of thousands of people today and drank the “Holy Water.” He further added, “alas if I could have got the chance after my parents, and I wish I could also get a chance to repeat the same.”

image source- eenaduindia

Soon after the post was up on social media, Dubey faced huge criticism on his Facebook post and later he re-edited his post and shared again. However, it didn’t help in curbing his embarrassment, rather his re-editing made him a cause of laugh to the many.

State BJP spokesperson Pratul Nath Shahdeo has reacted to his post and said, “Washing the feet of the guest has been part of the year-long traditions of our culture, but BJP doesn’t subscribe to such practice of drinking the water.”

The MP doesn’t seem to have any problem with his act. He is trying to justify his actions and has no regret of what he has done. The worker who washed his feet and drank the water, is a block level BJP office bearer.

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