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Kai Po Che? Manjha leaves parrot hanging by string; 50 birds admitted on Makar Sankranti

Kite flying is a tradition during Makar Sankranti and other cultural festivals where kites, usually made from light weight paper and bamboo, are flown and people engage in competition to ‘cut’ down other kites. While the flying colours bring a stretched smile and joy to us, Sankrant is not a good day to be a bird.

A heart wrenching photo of a dead parrot is doing rounds on social media. Twitter user, @biditabag, took to the social media site to post a picture of the parrot hanging from the string of a kite.

While sharing the heart-breaking photo, the caption read, “We hang our head in shame. This hard hitting image has been shared by Bhavik Thaker, titled “kaypo che?”. Thanks for aptly showcasing the plight of these beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, hundreds of birds loose their life during kite festival. stop using Chinese/manja threads.”

Kaypo Che (or Kai Po Che) is a Gujarati word and is commonly used while flying kites. It’s a symbolic term for victory shot, implying that one has just cut the opponents kite. Ironically, the phrase do not hand-in-hand when we talk about birds.

Appeals of bird rescuers yet again fell on deaf ears as more than 150 birds were injured after becoming entangled in the sharp thread over the past two days.


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