Class 12th student assaults teacher after he was caught cheating
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Kerala: Class 12th student assaults teacher after he was caught cheating

Kerala: In an appalling incident that happened on Friday at a school in Kerala, a student allegedly beat his teacher after he caught him cheating during an examination. The teacher was taken to the hospital after the incident.

The incident happened in the Kasaragod district of Kerala. According to the reports, the accused who studies at Chemnad Jama-ath Higher Secondary School was giving a model examination on humanities and it was then the teacher saw him cheating.

The victim, Bobby V Jose is a physics teacher in the same school and was invigilating in the accused class during the exam. When the teacher questioned the accused on cheating, he in rage hit the teacher on the face.

Not only this, the manager of the school, CP Ahmed Ali also alleged that after hitting his teacher on the face, the accused broke open one of the wooden legs of a desk and used it to hit the teacher and he also kicked Jose in an attempt to knock him down.

Jose was admitted to the hospital following the incident and he attained several injuries and also got his hand fractured. A case against the father of the accused has been registered as he threatened and warned the teacher against complaining to the authorities.

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