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Lok Sabha Elections 2019: 4 things that can get your number blocked on WhatsApp

Out of the seven phases, the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections was held on April 11 and social media plays a key role in the elections and hence there is a lot of emphasis on fake news and misinformation being spread.

The misinformation is spread so much that the messaging platform has blocked numbers that are spreading this information. WhatsApp has also disabled chat feature for a lot of numbers. If you’re using the messaging App a lot about elections that you need to be careful about the messages you send because you might up land up being blocked.

So it is always better to prevent it rather cure. Here are four things that can get your number blocked on WhatsApp.

1)      Unwanted/automated/bulk messages

 WhatsApp on its online site has mentioned that the users should not try to bulk messages, auto messages or autodial messages using WhatsApp.  It uses both machine technology and reports to detect and ban users of unwanted messages. If you contact users in the way that they don’t want then you may be banned. Avoid creating accounts or groups in unauthorized or automated or modified versions of WhatsApp.

2)      Contact list that is not yours

 WhatsApp tells users to never share phone numbers without people’s permission and also to not to obtain data from unlawful places to message users or add them on groups.

3)      Overusing of the broadcast list

 People tend to broadcast message using a certain list. However, WhatsApp states that messages sent using a broadcast list will only be received when users have added a phone number to contact list. If frequently used broadcast message then it may lead to people reporting your message and that can further lead to the number being blocked.

4)      Violating terms and condition of the App

 WhatsApp terms of service include the prohibition of publishing falsehood and engaging in illegal, threatening, hateful and ethnically offensive behavior on the app. If done, it can lead to the app banning the number from its data.

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