Mumbai lady cop lands in LOC to nab man who sent pornographic video on WhatsApp
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Mumbai lady cop lands in LOC to nab man who sent pornographic video on WhatsApp

The Mumbai lady cop has become a talk of the town because of her heroic way of dealing a case. Recently, the Wadala police have hunt down a man who had sent a pornographic video to a woman on WhatsApp. They took the accused Mehfuz Mohammad Rashid Khan into the custody and brought him to Mumbai.

On January 2, a 34-year-old woman in Wadala received a message on online messaging platform WhatsApp which she eventually ignored. She again received a message the next day and it was a pornographic video. She informed her husband about the matter who then called the sender to confront him. The man identified himself and told the husband that he sent the video because he wanted to.

Post which the couple filed an FIR at Wadala police stated and a case of sexual harassment was registered. The probe was initiated in the matter, it was then known that the accused has changed both his handset and SIM.

However, on May 17, the police finally tracked him to Bafliaz village in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir. Assistant Police Inspector Charu Bharti, and constables Ajit Kadam and Sandeep Naik were sent to Kashmir to catch hold of the accused.

Poonch is near the line of control which is a conflict zone so the police approached the superintendent of police there. The cops remained stationed around Khan’s home as he was in Jammu. Soon after he was seen in the early hours of May 19, he was nabbed by the police.

The police took him to Rajouri police station, around 20-25 people which included her family members gathered and protested against his arrest. The city cops, however, managed to control the situation and leave for Mumbai with Khan.

The accused was produced before a court and was granted bail on a bond of Rs 30,000.

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