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Narada Jayanti 2020: Know puja timing, process and Narada stories

Narada Jayanti is commemorated on the day after full moon day in Vaishakh month i.e. April or May.

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Narada Jayanti 2020: Puja timing, process and Narada stories

May 8 is marked as Narada Jayanti. The day is celebrated on the occasion of the birth anniversary sage Narada who is known as Brahma Mansa Putra. According to Vedic Puranas and mythologies Devrishi Narada is a universal divine messenger and primary source of information among Gods. Narada Jayanti is commemorated on the day after full moon day in Vaishakh month i.e. April or May.

Having the ability to visit all Teen Loks, Akash, or Heaven Prithvi or Earth and Patal or Netherworld, Narada Muni is believed to be the first journalist on the Earth. Narada Muni keeps traveling across the universe to communicate the information. However, most of His timely information creates trouble but that is considered for the betterment of the Universe.

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Some Puranas suggest that Sage Narada appeared from the forehead of Lord Brahma whereas some like Vishnu Purana advocated he is the son of Sage Kashyapa. Narad Rishi is one of the Prajapati and also among the seven honourable rishis.

In India, a person is called Narada Muni, if he tries to make two parties fight. One of the glorious descriptions in Vishnupurana says, “Naram nar samuham Kalahena dhyati Khandayatiti.” The one who is a fomenter of disputes among people is Narad. As He works for the ultimate good, he is never destructive or vengeful and never has any vested interest.

Timing for Narada Jayanti 2020:

Pratipada Tithi Begins – 04:14 PM on May 07, 2020

Narada Jayanti Puja Process:

  • Devotees wake up early morning before sunrise and take a bath.
  • After taking the bath, devotees wear fresh and clean puja vastra (worship clothing).
  • Devotees offer prayers to Lord Visnu as Narada Muni was himself a firm devotee of the deity.
  • Devotees then offer Chandan, tulsi leaves, kumkum, incense sticks, flowers, and sweets to the Idol.
  • Devotees then observe a Narada Jayanti fast to make the lord happy. They then recite prayers and  songs followed by Aarti.
  • In the evening, the devotees visit Kashi Vishwanath for seeking the blessings of the lord.
    However, this year, they will not be able to visit Kashi Vishwanath amid the lockdown.

Narada Stories:

When Narada revealed Krishna’s secret

Kansa was attacking Krishna only on a premise. His suspicion was confirmed by Narada who revealed the true identity of Balarama and Krishna as the seventh and eighth sons of Devaki. He said, “Balarama is not the son of Rohini as is made to believe. He is the seventh son of Devaki. The daughter of Devaki was Yashoda’s child, a form of the Lord’s Yoga-Maya. The infant was interchanged with Krishna, the eighth son of Devaki, to save him from your clutches.”

The Narada temple

Narada Temple is dedicated to the divine sage. These temples are located in Chigateri, which is 50 km away from Davanagere, and in Korva, which is 29 km north-east of Raichur in Karnataka. Korva is a beautiful island surrounded by the Krishna River. Korva is looked upon as a holy place and is popularly known as Naradgadde – one of the most scenic islands on the Krishna River.

 Narada Muni’s monkey face

Once, when Narada was meditating, other gods tried to disturb him by sending Kama (lord of lust). Kama tried a lot but did not succeed. Kama started praising Narada loudly. He said that Narada is better than Shiva who not only won his feelings of lust but also his anger. Narada opened his eyes after hearing all this praise. Narada went to Shiva and shared the story. Shiva listened patiently but advised Narada not to tell Vishnu. Narada couldn’t stop himself. He went to Lord Vishnu and repeated the whole story. To teach Narada a lesson, Vishnu set up a kingdom by his powers where a princess Vishwamohini was about to choose her groom. Infuriated by his ego, Narada passed by and thought if Shiva and Vishnu can have wives, why can’t I. He prayed to Lord Vishnu and requested to help him in marriage.

Vishnu made his face like a monkey. Later on when Narada was rejected he got angry and cursed Vishnu that you will have to suffer for a wife like me, and only monkeys will help you. Vishnu smiled and blessed him as that was the beginning of another epic – Ramayana.


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