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National Cherry Pie Day 2024 (US): FAQs, Dates, History, Activities, and Facts About Pie

National Cherry Pie Day 2024, observed on February 20th, is believed to honor George Washington and his famous cherry tree removal legend.

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National Cherry Pie Day 2024 (US) FAQs, Dates, History, Activities, and Facts About Pie

National Cherry Pie Day 2024 (US): National Cherry Pie Day occurs on the twentieth of February. With its delectable fruit and buttery goodness, we are prepared to devour this delectable delicacy in all its forms—whether homemade or purchased—and pie makes everything taste better. Given the proximity of this holiday to President’s Day and the fact that it is observed shortly thereafter, it is hypothesized that this pie flavor was selected in honor of George Washington and the legend attributed to him by his biographer regarding his candor in removing his father’s cherry tree.

National Cherry Pie Day History

Ancient Egyptians created the first pie around 9500 BCE, filling them with honey and dates encased in reeds. They intended pies to be consumed only and introduced this culinary creation to the Romans and the rest of Europe.

Using early Tupperware for baking, transporting, and preserving food, the pie maintained its culinary influence in medieval Europe, a domain dominated by royalty and the affluent. Notwithstanding the transformation of the reeds into a confection composed of flour and water, the resultant consistency, rigidity, and absence of flavor rendered it unfit for consumption. The filling remained the primary component of the recipe, consisting primarily of seafood and meat. The term ‘coffyns’ was applied to the pie bases as they became more slender with the evolution of the pie style.

Fruit tarts were introduced and gained popularity in the 1500s. People believe that Queen Elizabeth I received the first cherry pie during this era. English settlers introduced pies and cherry trees that were different from those that became indigenous. The custom of abstaining from consuming the pie casing persisted. However, it was not until the American Revolution (1775–1783) that the term ‘coffin’ was transformed into ‘crust’ and, shortly thereafter, ceased to serve merely as a container or protection for the pie’s contents and became something to be consumed.

Cherry pie, one of the most popular pie fillings in the United States, traditionally fills with sour cherries rather than sweet, morello, or native black cherries. This delectable delicacy pairs well with substantial servings of ice cream, whipped cream, or poured cream.

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FAQs for National Cherry Pie Day

Which cherries do tarts require the most?

There are many varieties of sweet cherries readily available in grocery stores, including Bing and Rainier.

When does Cherry Day occur?

People observe National Cherry Day annually on July 16.

Who is the inventor of cherry pies?

Fruit tarts rose to prominence during the 1500s. For Queen Elizabeth I, the initial cherry pie was baked.

Aspects of National Cherry Pie Day

Produce one’s pie

Leverage the occasion to prepare an irresistible homemade cherry pie. Online, there are countless delicious recipes. Or reconnect with tradition and practice making an old family recipe handed down from generation to generation.

Observe the pie store.

One need not be an avid baker to appreciate the joys of this holiday. Why not indulge yourself and your loved ones with a pastry from a nearby bakery, which you can either consume at home or savor in the restaurant’s ambiance? Enjoy with copious amounts of whipping cream or ice cream.

Purchase fashion statements

Those who do not enjoy pies may observe this holiday with alternative methods. Why not purchase some exquisite jewelry or clothing with a pie motif? Designs featuring cherry pies adorn T-shirts, shawls, earrings, necklaces, rings, and other items.

Five delicious pie facts!

Consoling Attributes

You are not alone in having warm and joyful thoughts as you read this; nearly half of Americans, according to surveys, associate the word ‘pie’ with such sentiments.

It is prohibited.

Kansas eliminated the antiquated regulation that prohibited pairing ice cream and cherry pie in the 1960s.

Dessert with the sack

People frequently consumed fruit pastries for breakfast in the early 20th century, especially on long days.

A pie chart peak

In the United States, cherry pie ranks fifth among preferred fillings, with apple pie being the most popular, followed by pumpkin, pecan, and banana cream pies.

Authentic Tupperware

Originally intended for preserving the content, pie crusts comprised an unpalatable and extremely rigid pastry.


Year Date Day
2024 February 20 Tuesday
2025 February 20 Thursday
2026 February 20 Friday
2027 February 20 Saturday
2028 February 20 Sunday