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National Fast and Prayer Day 2024 (Liberia): Activities, FAQs, History, Dates, and Facts

Liberia's National Fast and Prayer Day 2024, observed on April 12, is a day of self-discipline and collective introspection, urging citizens to gather at designated worship places.

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National Fast and Prayer Day 2024 (Liberia) Activities, FAQs, History, Dates, and Facts About Liberia
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National Fast and Prayer Day 2024 (Liberia): National Fast and Prayer Day is a state holiday in Liberia that is observed on the second Friday of April. The date of occurrence is April 12 this year. A day devoted to self-discipline and collective introspection, it is characterized by fasting, prayer, supplication, etc. It is advised that public offices, commercial establishments, and marketplaces maintain a closed status on this day. Irrespective of religious affiliations, all citizens across the nation are formally requested to assemble in unison at their designated places of worship. Therefore, congregate with friends or family to observe the day.

National Fast and Prayer Day History

A law passed by the Liberian Legislature in 1883 designated the second Friday of April as “National Fast and Prayer Day” in order to promote penitent reverence to God and ensure the safety and well-being of the nation and its citizens. This legislation prompted the observance of National Fast and Prayer Day. It is customarily observed as a day devoted to prayer, fasting, supplication, and meditation. Both citizens and foreign residents are urged to cease their routine activities and interests in order to acknowledge and advance the love and guidance of God.

A national holiday is annually proclaimed by the President of Liberia. Initially, Fast and Prayer Day was a Christian observance. Today, however, all residents are welcome to observe the holiday, irrespective of their religious affiliations. The fast commences at 8:00 AM and concludes at6:00 PM. Certain individuals will assemble in places of worship while adorned in sackcloth and ashes, as described in the Bible. The day is devoted to prayers for the country’s prosperity, protection, guidance, and tranquility.

In pursuit of introspection and self-control, the day is devoted to meditation, fasting, prayer, and self-denial. Engaging in prayer serves as a means of self-reflection, during which one contemplates one’s deepest desires, needs, and deficiencies while appealing to the omnipotent God. Additionally, meditation and fasting can impart self-discipline.

Fasting and meditation both demand a significant level of dedication. And both employ the identical technique, which is abstention. One abstains from eating and drinking during a fast, and during meditation, they attempt to concentrate while ignoring unwelcome intrusive thoughts. One has the potential to develop self-discipline through effective fasting and meditation.

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FAQs for National Fast and Prayer Day

Which petitions may I recite during a fast?

“Lord, I am grateful for the spiritual insights that you imparted to me throughout my fasting. Appreciate the ways in which you cultivated within me spiritual fruits such as self-control and forbearance. I am certain that this was not possible through my own efforts; rather, it is the result of Your labor within me. “Guide my progress as I proceed.”

Define a filthy fast.

The term “dirty fasting” refers to the act of consuming calories while fasting.

How long is a fasting period without food?

It is said that the human organism can function without food and water for eight to twenty-one days.

How to Observe National Day of Prayer and Fasting

Pray and fast

Prayer and fasting each have their advantages. In addition to aiding in weight loss, fasting elevates cardiac health and cognitive function. Conversely, conversing with God through prayer may liberate you from negative emotions such as resentment, disappointment, or wrath.

Consider meditating

Since mastering meditation can be difficult, it will require some time. You might consider devoting some time to meditation while fasting on this specific day.

Invest valuable time

On account of the national holiday, it is possible that members of your family are at home. The quality may consist of engaging in joint fasting and meditation.

Five essential realities about Liberia

It signifies freedom.

The term “Liberia” originates from the Latin word “liber,” signifying “free.”

Its emblem resembles that of the United States.

Similar to the flag of the United States of America, the flag of the Republic of Liberia consists of eleven stripes and one enormous star.

There, the pygmy hippopotamus resides.

The pygmy hippopotamus, an endangered species classified as a small hippopotamid, is indigenous to Liberia.

There are sixteen ethnic groupings.

Sixteen ethnic groupings comprise the indigenous population of Liberia.

Not even its inaugural president was born there.

Originating in Norfolk, Virginia, Joseph Jenkins Roberts, an African-American, assumed the presidency of Liberia at its inception.


Year Date Day
2024 April 12 Friday
2025 April 11 Friday
2026 April 10 Friday