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National Patrick Day 2023: Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Saint Patrick

Patrick, an abbreviated form of the Anglicized Gaelic name 'Mac Phadraig,' signifies the son of Patrick.'

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National Patrick Day 2023 Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Saint Patrick

National Patrick Day 2023: Annually, November 28 is observed as National Patrick’s Day. Today, we celebrate the namesake of one of the most well-known first names in the world and its adherents across all domains. Patrick, an abbreviated form of the Anglicized Gaelic name ‘Mac Phadraig,’ signifies the son of Patrick.’ Patrick is a personal name derived from the Latin word ‘Patricius,’ which means son of a noble parent,’ or ‘ member of the patrician class.’

Etymologically, Patrick is a name associated with affluence and royalty, implying grace and nobility. Popular in Hollywood, sports, and the arts, Patrick is a common name in the United States, England, Wales, and Ireland. Popular variants and forms of the given name consist of Patrik, Pat, Paddy, and Patricio.

National Patrick Day History

Patrick, like numerous well-known names today, is a masculine name with Latin roots. Two main social classes comprised ancient Roman society: patricians (aristocrats) and plebeians (commoners). Patrick is therefore thought to be a prevalent Anglicized form of the Gaelic and Celtic names Padraig and Mac Phadraig, both of which mean “son of Patrick.” It is a personal name whose earliest Latin root is patricius, which means “son of a noble father” or “member of the noble (patrician) class.” This was the appellation of St. Patrick, the Romano-Briton apostle and patron saint of Ireland during the fifth century. He is renowned for bringing Christianity to the island nation.

The popularity of the given name during the Middle Ages was largely attributable to the influence and notoriety of Saint Patrick. Patrick was not, however, a popular newborn boy’s name in the United States. According to data from the U.S. Social Security Administration (S.S.A.) for 1919, a mere 820 infants shared a given name. Between 1880 and 2018, the name ‘Patrick’ was documented 677,408 times in the S.S.A. public database.

Patricks excel in numerous professional disciplines, including literature, sports, politics, the arts, and sports. Prominent individuals who bear the name Patrick’s name include the late American satirist and comedian Pat Paulsen, English stand-up comedian Pat Condell, Irish actors Patrick Magee and Patrick McDonnell, American actors Patrick Dempsey, Patrick Duffy, and Patrick Swayze (1952-2009), and English actors Patrick Macnee and Patrick Troughton (1920- 1987).

Additional prominent individuals in the field include Patrick Boone, an American singer; Patrick Monahan, an American musician and former member of the rock band Train; Patrick Chukwuemeka “Tinie Tempah” Okogwu, a British rapper; Irish politicians Patrick Byrne, Patrick Connor, and Patrick Duffy; Patrick Ewing, an American basketball player; Patrick Kluivert, a Dutch football player; and Patrick Mboma, an ex-Cameroonian footballer.

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National Patrick Day: FAQs

What spiritual significance does the name Patrick possess?

As the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick was a clergyman. The name, which translates to “of noble origin,” is likewise linked to the numeral six. Those bearing the number six are sensible, intelligent, and mature.

Is the moniker Patrick appropriate?

Patrick is a Latin masculine given name that translates to “nobleman.” A timeless name affiliated with affluence and nobility, Patrick is an excellent selection for your infant.

How would you characterize the name Patrick?

Patrick is a name associated with stability and balance. Also, Patricks are athletic, artistic, goal-oriented, and creative.

Participation in National Patrick’s Day activities

Convey a gift

Optimally expressing your friend Patrick’s worth than by bestowing upon him his preferred items as presents? If at all possible, have others compose brief notes to him expressing your pride and admiration for his accomplishments.

Organize a gathering

You may, if you so choose, hold a straightforward Patrick’s Day celebration for a special Patrick in your life. A gathering of well-wishers and joyful acquaintances will suffice; it need not be boisterous or extravagant.

Please visit

Bringing considerate gifts and well-intentioned greetings to your Uncle or Grandpa Patrick today is an unparalleled way to demonstrate your affection for them on this momentous occasion. Certainly, he will appreciate it, particularly since it has been quite some time since your last encounter.

Five Remarkable Facts about Saint Patrick

His birthplace was Britain.

She was born in Britain in the late fourth century A.D. as Maewyn Succat.

As a slave, he arrived in Ireland.

At the age of sixteen, Irish pirates held Patrick as a slave for six years in Ireland.

He traversed Europe in pursuit of Christian study.

For about fifteen years, St. Patrick traveled to France, stopping in Auxerre, Tours, and the Abbey of Lérins in order to study Christianity.

In America, St. Patrick’s Day parades originated.

On March 17, 1601, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations began in a Spanish colony situated in present-day St. Augustine, Florida.

He failed to eradicate serpents from Ireland.

Contrary to popular belief, Ireland undoubtedly never had any snakes.


Year Date Day
2023 November 28 Tuesday
2024 November 28 Thursday
2025 November 28 Friday
2026 November 28 Saturday
2027 November 28 Sunday