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National Reuben Day 2023: History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Reubens

Additionally, the day provides an opportunity to honor and motivate those who are doing their utmost to benefit humanity,

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National Reuben Day 2023 History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Reubens

National Reuben Day 2023: National Reuben Day, observed on November 17, is a designated occasion for researching the origins, significance, and consequential events associated with the name Reuben, as well as its meaning. Additionally, the day provides an opportunity to honor and motivate those who are doing their utmost to benefit humanity, as well as to honor and commemorate a small number of Reubens who have made significant contributions to society. The Hebrew origin of the masculine name Reuben translates to “behold, a son.” According to the Old Testament, Reuben is identified as Jacob’s eldest son. It is worth noting that one tribe of Israelites can be traced back to Reuben.

The History of National Reuben Day

The biblical Hebrew masculine name Reuben translates to “behold, a son.” It is the biblical designation of the eldest son of Jacob and Leah, born in 1569 B.C. and passing away in 1445 B.C. An ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of Israel can be identified. According to some accounts, Jacob condemned him for having sexual relations with Bilhah, the concubine of his father and stepmother. Contrary narratives assert that he never engaged in sexual activity with Bilhah and instead merely facilitated his mother’s antics against Bilhah, whom Jacob had held in higher regard than his mother. Jacob was provoked by this, and he transferred the birthright of Reuben to Joseph.

The given name ‘Reuben’ is rendered as follows in Brazilian Portuguese: Rúben, Reuven in Hebrew, Rubén in Spanish, Rubens in Brazilian Portuguese, and Rupen/Roupen in Western Armenia. Robin is an alternative form of the Germanic name “Robert” in several Celtic languages; it is a variant of the name Ruben.

Among the internationally renowned Reubens is Reuben C. Fine, who was born in 1914. He was a distinguished author on the subjects of chess and psychology, in addition to being an accomplished American chess player and university professor. FIDE bestowed upon him the esteemed designation of International Grandmaster in 1950, marking the inception of the title. Established in 1927, Reuben Hersh passed away in 2020. His most renowned contribution as a mathematician was co-authorship of “The Mathematical Experience,” which was published in 1981 and was awarded the National Book Award in science. Born on August 9, 1975, Reuben Timothy Morgan was an Austrian pastor at Hillsong Church U.K. His songwriter prowess included compositions such as ‘My Redeemer Lives,’ which was honored with the Worship Song of the Year award at the 40th G.M.A. Dove Awards. The date of Reuben Singh’s birth is September 20, 1976. He is a British industrialist who was recognized as one of the “Global Leaders of Tomorrow” in Davos by The World Economic Forum in 2003.

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FAQs for National Reuben Day

Is the name Reuben uncommon?

The uncommon name Reuben was assigned to approximately 214 baby males in 2020.

What is the Reuben’s ethnic background?

Reuben was a Jewish given name in the past.

What does the appellation Reuben mean?

Reuben may be referred to by the aliases Benny, Ben, or Roo/Ru.

Participation in National Ruben Day activities

Learn more about Reuben, Jacob’s offspring.

Celebrating the day by reading about Reuben, the son of Jacob and Leah, is ideal. This may enhance your understanding of their historical background.

Celebrate with Reubens

Commemorate every Reuben from around the world. Express to them that they are unique and beautiful.

Coordinate a celebration.

Convene a small gathering of cherished individuals and recount heartfelt anecdotes concerning any Reuben you have encountered. Request that your family and acquaintances invite every Reuben they know.

Five Reubens facts that might be of interest to you

An ordinarily positioned name

Notwithstanding its biblical association, Reuben is an unpopular given name.

As documented in the “Guinness Book of Records”

Reuben Singh is the sole individual by the name of Reuben to have qualified as the earliest self-made millionaire in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

The second wealthiest family in the United Kingdom.

The David and Simon Reuben family is the second wealthiest in the United Kingdom.

Reuben is the first royal blood relative.

As the first lord of Armenia Cilicia and Prince of Armenia, Ruben I is the first monarch to bear the regal surname Reuben.

The most renowned African statesman was Reuben

Reuben Abati, a journalist and politician hailing from Nigeria, assumed the role of Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to Goodluck Jonathan, the former President of Nigeria.


Year Date Day
2023 November 17 Friday
2024 November 17 Sunday
2025 November 17 Monday
2026 November 17 Tuesday
2027 November 17 Wednesday