PornHub’s St Patrick’ Day data gives weird insight into human behaviour

PornHub’s St Patrick’ Day data gives weird insight into human behaviour

The date 17 March marks the saint’s death, and is observed throughout the world by Catholic Church, Angelican Communion, the Eastern Orthodox and Lutheran Church.

People across the globe go to pubs in honour of their patron saint while in Americans pay homage to their heritage across the Atlantic by dying the river green and brushing a tear from the eye at the thought of the old country.

Interestingly, this year the day brought some insights to understand human behavior. According to insights released by a pornographic video sharing website PornHub,, Sunday 17 March saw an increase of 1,238 percent in searches term “leprechaun”, a 1,048 percent increase for the term “st patricks day” and an 811 percent rise in searches for “shamrock”.

“Even if you’re not getting lucky, you can always find a bit of luck on Pornhub. Searches containing “Lucky” increase by 171% compared to an average day.”

“On March 17th, Pornhub’s statisticians found that while overall traffic didn’t change, the average time spent per visit increased by around 5%, indicating that people may be taking (or needing) a bit more time to get the job done. The duration increase is 7% longer for women and 4.5% for men,” the blog post read.

The website also saw a rise in spell errors, “variations of “hentai” increase by 18% including a 31% increase for “hentia”. Searches for “lebsian” increased by 19% and “massagw” by 14%.”

PornHub Insights had earlier revealed a 19 percent spike in traffic on 13 March when both Facebook and Instagram services were down.

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