Punjab police inhuman behaviour caught in CCTV
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Punjab police inhuman behaviour caught in CCTV; cops tie woman to jeep roof and drove around in Amritsar

A barbaric incident of Punjab police shocks India as the cops in Amritsar forcibly tied a woman on their police van roof and paraded her across the village. CCTV footage of the incident has surfaced where the police is roaming around the village carrying a woman from Chawinda Devi village on the top of the police van. Locals claim it was a punishment for objecting police from arresting her husband.

According to sources, the police had gone to arrest the woman’s father-in-law who is accused in a property dispute case. After reaching the house, when the police could not find the man, they tried to take away the woman’s husband. The woman opposed the police from taking her husband away which agitated the Punjab police crime branch personnel following which, they held the woman and tied her to their police jeep roof.

With the woman tied on the top of the jeep police paraded all around the village. However, upon villagers’ protest against their inhuman behaviour, the police took a sharp turn, dumped the woman to the ground and fled away from the scene. According to other reports, the woman fell down from vehicle because of its high speed.

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The woman suffered severe injuries in the head after falling down and is admitted to a nearby hospital in Amritsar district. The local residents and eyewitnesses of the incident rushed to help her after the police van fled away. The video has questioned the functioning of Punjab police.

This is second consecutive incident in two days that has brought criticism over Punjab police work style. The previous incident witnessed four cops harassing a medical student for being in a relationship with a Muslim guy who was also a medical student. The cops abused her orally and physically in the police van itself.


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