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Rahul attacks govt over Mallya, defends farmers who ran away with Khats

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi launched an attack on Modi government on its failure to apprehend Vijay Mallya. Rahul who is on the second day of his 2,500-km Deoria to Delhi Kisan Yatra, tweeted, “If a Kisan takes a khat he’s called a ‘chor’ but ppl like Mallyaji who run away with crores are called ‘defaulters’!”

Rahul’s tweet came in reaction to the incident after his ‘khaat sabha’ in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh where local farmers were seen walking away with the brand new cots that had been laid out by his party. Even eatables and water bottles were looted by locals after Gandhi’s sabha.

Rahul took a dig at the Modi government for the brazen manner in which Mallya exited the country after defaulting on Rs 9000 crore

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