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Railway Staff Dumping Trash on Tracks: Official react after video goes viral

The in-issue video shows a train worker gathering trash in a corner with a wiper, including plastic bottles and food wrappers.

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Video Goes Viral: Railway Staff Dumping Trash on Tracks, On Camera

Railway Staff Dumping Trash: Indian railway passengers have long complained about the quality of the food, the cleanliness of the facilities, and the regularity of the service. Yet, a recent occurrence has brought attention to a much more unsettling problem: housekeeping personnel at railroad stations casually tossing trash down the tracks of moving trains. When a worried passenger posted a video of the horrifying behavior on social media, notably X (previously known as Twitter), the matter was brought to the public’s attention.

The Upsetting Video: Neglect on the Rails

The in-issue video shows a train worker gathering rubbish in a corner with a wiper, including plastic bottles and food wrappers. The worker carelessly throws the trash out of the moving train, as opposed to properly disposing of it in a designated waste bag, causing a smattering of trash down the railroad tracks.

Passenger’s Outcry: Calling for Systemic Change and Accountability

The passenger, known only as Saurabh, not only called attention to this occurrence but also posed a crucial query about accountability inside the rail industry. The efficiency of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign) was questioned by Saurabh in a harsh article, and he also expressed grave concern about the lack of accountability systems among the railway personnel. He went one step further, addressing both Railway Seva and the Ministry of Railways, requesting information and demanding accountability.

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Answer from the Railway: Request for Specifics to Start Action

The Central Railway quickly responded in response to Saurabh’s video by demanding precise information like the train number and time of the event. These details are crucial for starting a thorough investigation and taking the appropriate actions to address the situation.

Demand for Strict Punishment and Passenger Responsibility is Heard Across the Public

Internet users were outraged in great numbers after viewing the horrific footage. Several people reported comparable occurrences and demanded harsh punishments for the negligent train employees. At the same time, there were pleas for passengers to take a more active part in keeping trains clean, particularly on long-haul routes.

Encouraging Passenger Responsibility:

A user emphasized the significance of people being accountable for their conduct and suggested involving Rail Ticket Examiners (TTE) in punishing violators. This notion reminded people of how TTEs had previously successfully enforced smoking restrictions.

Taking Action Against Passenger Litter:

A different user brought up the problem of passengers leaving trash under their seats rather than putting it in the proper containers, which results in sloppy litter. By carrying a plastic bag for waste disposal until sanitation workers could handle it properly, they demonstrated their own dedication to cleanliness.

To provide a safer and cleaner rail travel experience for everyone, this distressing incident serves as a wake-up call for both railway officials and passengers, pushing them to work together to address cleanliness and accountability issues.

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