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Rajasthan: Court asks police to book man for giving dowry on his daughter’s marriage

A court of the metropolitan magistrate on Monday ordered the police to file a case against the father of the bride for giving dowry, in a first in Rajasthan.

The decision of the court comes a couple of years after the bride’s father filed a case against his son and law and his family for accepting dowry and harassing his daughter.

Father of the bride, Ramlal who is an ex-serviceman had filed a dowry and harassment case against his daughter Manisha’s in-laws in 2017. She was married to software engineer Kailash, son of Jethmal who is a government teacher.

Ramlal claimed that he had given Rs 1 lakh in an envelope to the groom during the marriage. In a counter case against them, Jethmal appealed to the court to file a case against Ramlal for giving dowry.

Council for father-in-law said, “Ramlal has insisted on giving dowry in his daughter marriage but we said if taking dowry was a crime, giving is also a crime. We had appealed to the court to direct police to file a case against Ramlal for giving dowry.”

The appeal by them was agreed and directions were given by the court to the police to file a case against Ramlal.

The girl’s father has said in a complaint that after marriage, Kailash resumed his job in Noida and left his wife behind. When I took my daughter to Noida, Kailash did not accept her and pushed us away.”

He further said that her I laws used to harass her in name of dowry and did not let her live with her husband. He also alleged that her father in law had ill intentions against her.

A charge sheet was filed by the police after they had completed the investigation where arguments are currently in progress.

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