Shocking! Dogs gouge out infant dead body, onlookers made video in Bihar

Shocking! Dogs gouge out infant dead body, onlookers made video in Bihar

Samastipur: In a shocking incident, an infant body was dragged on the road by stray dogs and onlookers were busy making the video. This gory incident happened on the busy roads of the Samastipur town near Gayatri Complex in the broad daylight.

The dog was seen dragging the dead body between Circuit house to Veterinary hospital road.

Locals alleged that such incidents are not rare, abortion case in the hospital is rampant and this is a result of not disposing of the body post-termination.

All India Progressive Women Association (AIPWA) district president Bandana Singh demanded legal action against the doctors involved in such illegal and inhumane practices.

Communist Party of India Marxist- Leninist (CPIML) Surendra Prasad Singh said, “There are several clinics which are providing abortion facility and later these bodies are thrown out in open along the roadside. Earlier in one of such incidents which was reported to police, an FIR was lodged against a lady doctor but later the complaint was dismissed and the case was settled in the police station.”

Singh alleged that these doctors are bribe the policemen in return police avoid any FIR against them.

In the last five days, three infants have been recovered from the nearby area in Rosra, Khanpur, and Ujiyarpur and luckily all were alive. Locals have played a major role in the rescue and helped the district administration in saving their lives.

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