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From a starry-eyed liberal to a staunch Modi supporter, the journey of UnSubtleDesi

By Radha Mishra
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From a starry-eyed liberal to a staunch Modi supporter, the journey of UnSubtleDesi

An eternal student, a full-time learner, an avid reader with strong opinions and unshakable beliefs – Nupur Jhunjhunwala, popularly known as UnSubtleDesi on social media, needs no introduction among Twitterati. A Twitter celeb, her opinions are strong and spontaneous that people cannot afford to disregard her.

Writing is a byproduct of her need to voice the truth from her own perspective. However, contrary to Social Media impression, she does have a side that isn’t all that dry.

Nupur loves to sing and play the piano. Above all, she is a mother, who wants to someday look back and believe that she did everything in her power to leave a trail of truth for her kid.  Well, people are aware of the bold and blunt UnSubtleDesi, but very few know about the real woman behind the name. So, here is all about this power woman:

You are considered as a vocal supporter of the right wing. What made you support BJP?

Since I come from a family that has always been inclined towards BJP and Sangh – ideologically and electorally. But as it is said, “If you are not a liberal at 25, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative at 35, you have no brain”. The timeline differed, but my journey wasn’t too different.

I was a starry-eyed liberal earlier in my life too. I bought the cacophony of political lies and promises that most “liberal” parties make, from social justice to equality to secularism. The German Bakery blast in Pune changed that. I realised the lies we had been fed in the name of secularism and how national security had been sacrificed at the altar of minority appeasement.

It was then that I started reading about cultural nationalism and was drawn to BJP.

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From the demonisation of Veer Savarkar to the glorification of Nehru – blunders buried, mistakes covered up, sins of the aggressors whitewashed. It’s really an eye-opening experience to read and learn beyond what the political class wants you to know.

Q. Have you always been politically inclined?

I wasn’t exactly politically inclined in the earlier parts of my life. I was the naive sort who took the media and the political class at face value. I think the moment I started perhaps realising that one needs to look beyond was during the Kargil war. I admired Barkha Dutt and wanted to be like her. But, my father turned around and said, “Look deeper. You are too honest to become like her”.

Didn’t really understand what he meant till later when Radia Tapes surfaced. My father explained its implications to me. Even then, the understanding was limited, owing to my age, but it did plant the seeds of political curiosity. That one incident stayed with me and even today reminds me to look beyond the obvious.

Q. Nobody seems to know who the real Nupur is. How would you describe yourself?

(Laughs) There’s a reason nobody knows who the real Nupur is. It’s because my political opinions are such that the “liberals”, oxymoronically called so, can’t be trusted to indulge in healthy debates without trying their dirty tricks. I stick to my beliefs with every iota of determination that I can muster.

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Q. How would you describe your social media journey considering you’re known as a Twitter influencer these days?

Influencer! I had no idea I was one. As per my ideological opponents, I’m a pesky little inconvenient troll. I’m glad; you say I’m an influencer though.

My journey has been one of the absolute flukes. I joined Twitter primarily to follow PM (then CM) Modi’s tweets. I am horribly technologically challenged; therefore, tweeting wasn’t exactly something I was incredibly interested in.

But, while following him, I felt compelled to bring the truth out in certain occasions where lies were being peddled. As they say: “Hum chalte rahe, karawan bhadta raha”.

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Q. Is it difficult being a woman on Twitter considering the onslaught of trolls? How do you handle it?

see, I think both men and women are trolled on Social Media. The reason why I never use my picture on SM is because I don’t want concessions owing to my gender. Not intellectual considerations as far as my opinions are concerned, or in facing any sort of criticism for those thoughts.

Being on Twitter, one is always vulnerable to abusive handles. I was, in fact, abused mercilessly when I was pregnant. Not just me, my unborn child was too. And while this happened, the so-called “liberals” who now speak about “trolls” sat in the wings and smirked.

To answer your question, I think if one can’t handle the heat, one should not get out of the kitchen. I have been called the harshest names – from a porn star, Sunny Leone, ‘tat*i chaatne waali,’ to wondering if I spread my legs for Modi, how many blow jobs I’ve given to other horrid names. If you were thinking where these trolls come from, you might be surprised to know that these were words used by journalists with premium media houses.

But, give it back as good as you get, or use the block option generously for such people.  Two points: a) I’ve been abused by women more than men. b) I’ve been trolled viciously by journalists more than egg DP handles.

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Q. You are so vocal about social and political issues. Any plans to join politics?

(Laughs) Contrary to what some people believe, I have absolutely no interest in ever being actively involved in politics. I find the political world scary. I think one loses their objectivity and honesty, the moment they step into the political space.

For example, as a supporter, I have the right to question PM Modi or the BJP when I think they are deviating from their mandate. I wouldn’t have that luxury if I joined them. Politics is the graveyard of objectivity. I have no intentions of burying mine. I have chosen a different path for myself. I am working on my first book which revolves around our security forces.

Hopefully, I can do justice to the subject I have chosen.

Quick five:

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With a gun to my head? Newspaper! But I prefer to get my news online