Sun becoming hotter each day, will make earth uninhabitable

Sun becoming hotter each day, will make earth uninhabitable

The sun continued to burn through its resources and it is the reason that it’s getting hotter with each passing day. This will eventually make the earth uninhabitable. The reason is that the sun already has a surface temperature of 5,505 degree Celsius and its core might reach up to temperatures of 15 million degree Celsius.

The sun that contains 99.8 percent of the solar system’s mass is causing our host star to expand and produce more heat in a process called nuclear fusion. The energy in the form of heat is produced when the hydrogen atoms on the sun are compressed under pressure and fuse together.

The whole process repeats itself and more heat is produced and sin grows but becomes lighter in the process. It is said that at a point in the distant future, the sun will become big enough to eat up the planets in the solar system thereby making the earth uninhabitable.

As per an article, when enough time will pass, the sun’s changes will render the earth uninhabitable. Also as time goes on, the amount of mass lost by the sun will increase, especially when it enters the giant phase of life.

Our planet has already used up approximately three-quarters of the time we have where the earth is habitable. As the sun continues to lose mass, humanity and all life on earth approach its inevitable fate.

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