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World Suicide Prevention Day 2020: Celebrities who battled depression in real life

Mental Health Day: A focus on caregiver fatigue

Caregiver fatigue is very common. Almost every caregiver goes through this feeling of exhaustion, drowsiness, debility etc, says Dr Mantosh Kumar, Sr Consultant Psychiatrist, Sukoon Hospital (clinically governed by Fortis Healthcare).

With age, humour, tenderness replace rancour in marriage

New York: While love takes a back seat after the honeymoon period and prickly disagreements dominate the early and middle years of marriage, a new study has showed that with age, rancour gives way to humour, acceptance and more tenderness. The study, led by the University of California-Berkely (UC-B), showed[Read More…]

Cycling, walking in nature may improve your mental health

Cycling, walking in nature may improve your mental health

London: People who commute — walking or cycling — through natural environments are more likely to develop better mental health than those who commute less, according to a new study. Natural environments included all public and private outdoor spaces that contain ‘green’ and/or ‘blue’ natural elements such as street trees,[Read More…]

UN launches workplace mental health strategy

The United Nations has launched a strategy to deal with workplace mental health issues and ways to maintain well-being of its staff by dealing with the stigma attached to it. UN staff struggling with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or other circumstances have reported feeling isolated and ashamed, with no-one to[Read More…]

Mental Illness – A Call to Action!

With words like “depressed”, we casually make references to mental health in daily conversation. However, we don’t realise how prevalent mental illness is in our lives. Per a 2016 survey (NIMHANS) 10.6% of India’s population, or a staggering 13 crore people have a diagnosable mental health condition. Take a close[Read More…]

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