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Virtual Advocacy Day 2024: Date, History and Ways To Advocate Virtually

Participating in the legislative process on March 28, the annual Virtual Advocacy Day, allows constituents to advance their collective agendas.

By Sanya Oberoi
Updated on :
Virtual Advocacy Day 2023

Virtual Advocacy Day 2024: Participating in the legislative process on March 28, the annual Virtual Advocacy Day, allows constituents to advance their collective agendas. Through virtual meetings with members of Congress and their aides, you can learn more about how the legislative process affects a cause that is important to you and others in your state. Join with other important stakeholders to champion and advance legislation. Register for meaningful events, write a letter to Congress, make a donation, or volunteer. Regardless of the method you choose to advocate, your community will be able to discuss essential issues and make visible changes.


To comprehend advocacy, we must first comprehend the Latin word ‘advocare,’ which means ‘to appeal for assistance.’ In ancient Rome and Greece, renowned orators took on the role of advocating someone’s case or wrote orations to do so. Cicero and Caesar were legendary as Roman attorneys and advocates.

Virtual Advocacy conveys an important idea: while influencing public policy is crucial, lobbying in the digital and networked age is much more about influencing public opinion. Advocates must invest the time and energy necessary to organise their efforts in order to attain their objectives. The purpose of advocacy is to ensure that all members of society have the opportunity to voice out on issues that are important to them. Their liberties must be safeguarded and upheld. You must consider whether their thoughts and desires are taken into consideration when making life decisions.

Originally, advocacy was a means for individuals to express their moral convictions. Over the years, advocacy has evolved significantly. People around the world who are in need of assistance but have no one with the ability to provide it can now receive it due to a more organised effort. More resources, political support, and influence are required for advocacy to become even greater than it is currently.

Due to the emergence of advocacy, everyone has a responsibility to contribute in whatever way they are able in the face of global crises.

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Tell your story

Personal narratives have an undeniable effect on individuals. On this day, share your story with the world to inspire others and effect positive change.

Share your worries

Your concerns must be communicated to your legislators. Your phone calls and letters will demonstrate to state legislators the level of support their constituents have for the cause. New legislation may not be passed and existing legislation may not be protected if no one speaks up.

Use social media

Follow your local elected officials on social media. On their websites, you may also be able to sign up for their newsletters. Numerous legislators utilise these platforms to share their perspectives on legislation, announce upcoming events, and interact with their constituents. Additionally, you can post comments and concerns on the platforms.


Through editorial letters

Writing letters to the editor is just one of the numerous ways you can share your letter with the world, thereby expanding its reach.

Via correspondence

You can advocate virtually by sending communications to your legislators.

By means of video testimonial

Using video testimonials from advocates is a fantastic way to share success tales; you can then share the recorded messages on social media.

Social media

Advocacy organisations may encourage their supporters to use their own social media messages, infographics, hashtags, profile images, and banners to demonstrate their support and help spread their ideas.

Interactive tour guides

Community Charity organisations may substitute virtual site visits for inviting members of Congress, their staff, or other representatives to observe the mission in action at their facilities.


Year Date Day
2023 March 28 Tuesday
2024 March 28 Thursday
2025 March 28 Friday
2026 March 28 Saturday
2027 March 28 Sunday