Watch: Haryana cops brutally whip woman with belt during interrogation
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Watch: Haryana cops brutally whip woman with belt during interrogation

In a highly embarrassing incident bringing shame to the Haryana Police force, five officials were caught on camera brutally whipping a woman during interrogation.

Taking cognisance of the incident, Haryana Police have ordered suspension of two head constables and terminated the services of three special police officers (SPOs) with immediate effect. An FIR has also been filed and two of the men have been arrested.

As per the reports, the incident is from October last year, and took place at a park that falls under the jurisdiction of the Adarsh Nagar police station, where all five accused were deployed at the time.

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At the time of the incident, it was not reported but came under the light after the video of the alleged incident went viral in the last couple of days. On Monday, May 28, the state women’s commission brought the video to the police’s notice. At this police got details of the incident verified and action was taken.

In the video, a woman is shown being interrogated by three policemen. When she does not give the answers they are looking for, one of the men hits her with a belt. She gives them a contact number and says that she has no further information on the matter. The policemen continue to hit her. The man taking the video and others around him can be heard laughing.

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