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Wear A Hat Day 2023: Date, History and How To Celebrate It

The 26th of March is Wear A Hat Day, a fun and fabulous method to raise awareness and funds for brain-tumor research.

By Sanya Oberoi
Published on :
Wear A Hat Day 2023:

Wear A Hat Day 2023: The 26th of March is Wear A Hat Day, a fun and fabulous method to raise awareness and funds for brain-tumor research. The holiday was created as a means to unite our heads (and hats) in an effort to advance brain tumour research. You don’t need to have been affected to make a difference, so here are some Wear A Hat Day suggestions!


There is still much to learn about brain tumors, which affect approximately 250,000 persons annually worldwide. However, thanks to scientific advancements in the disciplines of chemotherapy and radiation, the survival rate has never been higher.

Historically, brain tumours were fatal for those unfortunate enough to develop them. William Macewen, a Scottish surgeon, was the first individual to successfully remove a brain tumour in 1879. His patient, a young woman, recovered completely, turning the tide in the battle against the disease.

In the years that followed, rapid progress was made in comprehending and treating the condition as a result of the scientific method that was developed. The discovery of X-rays made it possible to scan the brain precisely in order to detect brain tumours. The development of computed tomography (CT) scanning in the 1970s permitted physicians to see a clear image of the brain for the first time. Since then, this has been the most effective method for identifying brain tumours.

Despite these significant advances over the past 150 years, there is still no cure for brain tumours that is 100% effective. Therefore, on Wear A Hat Day, we unite to raise funds and awareness for brain tumour research. On this day, hats are also worn as a symbol of internal protection, in addition to their usual use as an external form of defence. By increasing awareness of the condition, we help each other identify symptoms early, and by raising funds, we provide assistance to the extraordinary scientists working on a cure.

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Wear your finest headwear.

Wearing a hat is the easiest way to celebrate Wear A Hat Day, in case you hadn’t noticed! Bring out an old favourite or purchase a new one.

Embellish a headdress

Using simple papercraft, you can create a headwear and decorate it to your liking. You could even initiate a new fashion trend!

Organize a headwear exchange

Done with your own hats? Gather a group and engage in trading! It is the ideal method to have fun and raise awareness simultaneously.


One may be worn in taxis.

London taxis are designed to be tall enough to accommodate a gentleman donning a top hat, so he does not have to remove it when going out.

At first, they terrified people.

When John Heatherington wore one of the first top hats on the street in 1797, he was detained for frightening the people and fined fifty pounds by the court.

They may pass out at the opera.

The chapeau claque was created for opera-goers to be more considerate of their fellow audience members; it collapses using a spring mechanism, allowing the wearer to keep the hat on without obstructing the view of others.

It descended from a sugarloaf

Considered to be the precursor to the top hat, the sugarloaf cap (named for its shape) was worn by both men and women in the 1590s.

Several are very interesting

A 1911 design placed a fan in the upper chamber of the top hat; it was controlled by a switch in the brim, allowing the wearer to both appear and remain cool!


Year Date Day
2023 March 26 Sunday
2024 March 26 Tuesday
2025 March 26 Wednesday
2026 March 26 Thursday
2027 March 26 Friday