What made Kamal Nath next Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh
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What made Kamal Nath next Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh

In May 2018, Kamal Nath was assigned with the task of reviving the Congress’ fortunes in the state after the party suffered three consecutive defeat in assembly polls till 2013. Before induction of Kamal Nath in state Congress, infighting within the party was at its peak, however, Kamal Nath cautiously managed all the aspects of the party and concluded 15 years of exile of grand old party in Madhya Pradesh.

Under Kamal Nath’s leadership, after 1998 Congress managed to cross the figure of over 100 MLAs in the state assembly

Following which, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday declared Kamal Nath as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and the appointment of Nath has conveyed a positive message in the party, as majority of supporters and leaders were favouring Kamal Nath for Chief Minister’s post.

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Party sources have also claimed that, Kamal Nath as Chief Minister will provide an extra benefit to the party in upcoming Lok Sabha elections, as Kamal Nath would be able to deliver very quickly compared to others.

Kamal Nath’s proven track record, the main reason behind his elevation.

Kamal Nath is serving his ninth term as Member of Parliament from Chhindwara and the audacity of leader is highly appreciated in Madhya Pradesh and across the nation too, for various reasons.

As a fact, Kamal Nath believes in making cordial relations with everyone including opposition leaders. Apart from maintaining relations, the leader is easily accessible to party workers and the public. After the induction Kamal Nath in state’s leadership, Congress cadres have showcased unity on different platforms, previously party was in loggerheads with party workers and state leaders.

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Chhindwara, where railways service was a dream, became true to in 2004, credits to Kamal Nath’s vision and dedication towards ‘modern Chhindwara’ and further Tropical Forest Research Institute and many more ventures landed in Chhindwara.

So, as Kamal Nath has provided a 360-degree development to Chhindwara, around 7.5 crore public of Madhya Pradesh are also expecting several things from the 72-year-old political stalwart.

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