20-year-old PUBG addict kills retired government employee in Gujarat
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20-year-old PUBG addict kills retired government employee in Gujarat

A 20-year-old youth was arrested by Surendranagar police, for killing an 82-year-old Ahmedabad resident. The convict confessed that he had turned violent due to PUBG game addiction and lambasting by the victim.

On May 5, Gunvatrai Bhatt, a retired government employee was found dead in his car near Sayla on Ahmedanad-Rajkot highway. Police ruled out the possibility of robbery behind the mysterious murder as they found that the mobile, cash and other valuables of the deceased were intact.

The youngster Bhargav Jani was arrested from his house in Krushnanagar Society in Surendranagar. He told police that Bhatt was constantly labasting him, which enraged him so much that he slit his throat.

Gunvatrai Bhatt, who was on way to Junagadh was self driving, met Jani at a highway restaurant near Limbdi, who asked for a lift till Rajkot.

Jani told Bhatt that he was also Brahmin like him. As they started the journey, Bhatt asked him, why did he not wear ‘janoi’ (sacred thread) despite being a Brahmin. Jani replied that he was an alcoholic and that’s why he did not prefer to wear the thread. This infuriated Bhatt and he started scolding Jani for his drinking habit. Bhatt continued his tirade, which steamed up Jani so much that he flashed out a knife and slit the old man’s throat, police said.

After killing Bhatt, Jani searched for a place to dispose the body around the villages between Sayla and Limbdi, but couldn’t find any place and left the body in the car and fled the spot. He also took Rs 2000 from Bhatt’s pocket before leaving.

”Jani told us he was addicted to playing PUBG game, which had made his nature violent and that he had committed the crime in a fit of rage,” said DB Basiya, deputy superintendent of police, Linmbdi, quoted by TOI.

After leaving the body, Jani decided to get rid of his blood-soaked shirt and buy a new one. He went to two shops in Sayla wearing a shawl to hide the blood stains and bought a shirt.

After buying the shirt, he hired an auto-rickshaw to go to Muli, from which he threw the bag containing his blood-stained shirt from the running rickshaw.

“The rickshaw driver grew suspicious and approached us. We found the shirt. We launched an investigation by making inquiries into the shops where a person had recently bought a shirt and found CCTV footages of Jani with a shawl wrapped around his torso as well as his naked torso. Then, we circulated the footages on social media,” said Basiya as quoted by TOI.

The cops received a tip-off from an anonymous caller, after the footages went viral, which stated that the person matching the description was living in Krushnanagar Society of Surendranagar.

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