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BJP’s performance in the state elections have changed the course of Indian politics

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After the stunning results of the 5 state elections were declared on Saturday the BJP under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi is looking at possibly forming a government in 4 of the 5 states including the big one, Uttar Pradesh.  Just what made this win possible? What changed in the last few months of the run up to the state elections?

It was different political situations in different states that lead to the results but one thing that was in common throughout is the fact that brand Modi is stronger than ever. The PM continues to be the most popular leader in the country. Projecting him as the face in every state and with the absence of really big names in any of the 5 states BJP managed to score big. Extensive touring and rallies by the PM, speaking the language of development, the BJP and PM Modi has broken the barriers of caste and religion. Apart from the brand Modi the thing to note is that the smallest of policies have made the biggest of difference. For example LPG subsidies and ease of getting connections was an issue that didn’t get much attention in the national media but has made a big difference in voting. Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand  registered highest number of women voters ever and it seems that the LPG issue worked big in BJP’s favour there. Of course the outreach of the RSS at the grass root level is often overlooked but has yet again proved to be a decisive factor in these elections as well.

What matters is that BJP is letting their governance do the talking. Looking beyond the campaign rhetoric and some of their controversial leaders who get a lot of attention in the media, it’s the govts policies and the govts communication that is reaching out to the larger India. ‘Kaam Bolta Hai’ seems to suit the BJP more than the SP at this point!

The grand old party, Congress must now introspect and think why they lost the way they have, except in Punjab of course where the leadership of Captain Amarinder Singh has shown results. Strong leadership always works, whether its at the centre or at the state level and Congress must realise and remember this. With these results BJP has asserted itself as the dominant party for the next 10 years at least and it seems that 2019 general elections may see an even greater majority for the BJP if this continues.

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