Chhattisgarh introduces India’s 1st 'Garbage Cafe' which serves free meal in exchange of plastic waste
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Chhattisgarh introduces India’s 1st ‘Garbage Cafe’ which serves free meal in exchange of plastic waste

The rate at which the mounts of garbage are being lined up on the Earth has started taking a toxic toll on the lives of living creatures. Amid the rising concern, a lot of people and organisations around the world are doing their bit, however, a lot more needs to be done.

In a rather brilliant manner to help save the environment, Chhattisgarh has opened it’s first-ever Garbage Cafe, and people are loving with its rather innovative concept. Under this, the Municipal Corporation will provide food to the poor and homeless in lieu of plastic waste.

This initiative will not only help the government to manage the plastic pollution in the city, but it will also ensure that the waste collectors get to eat a wholesome meal in lieu of the plastic waste they collect.

Persons fetching 1 kg of plastic waste will be offered a full meal while those collecting 500 gram of waste will get a substantial breakfast.

Mayor Ajay Tirkey, who presented the municipal budget of the city said, “the café will operate from the city’s main bus stand.”

The budget allocates Rs 5 lakhs for the Garbage Café Scheme, if this runs successfully, the government is also planning to provide free shelter to the homeless who collect plastic garbage waste.

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