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How to apply for Indian Citizenship?

Planning to get the citizenship of the vibrant land? Here we list the complete procedure of becoming a permanent citizen of India.

We also list the relevant document available at, the website of Foreigners Division, Ministry of Home Affairs Government of India.

Indian descent

Indian descent is defined as a person who was born after August 15, 1947 in India or a territory that became a part of India or if she has a parent that fulfils that qualification.

One can fill form for section 5(1)(a) or section 5(1)(b)[1], depending on if they have been staying in India or abroad.

Citizenship by marriage

You can become an Indian citizen if you are married to an Indian citizen. You must have been living in India for 7 years, section 5(1)(c) could be used.

Child of Indian parents

In case your parents are registered as citizens under 5(1)(a) or 6(1), you can use Form-III-A under section 5(1)(e).

Citizenship by Naturalization

You can become a citizen of Indian by naturalization in case you’ve lived in the country for at least 12 years.

Citizenship by registration

You need a copy of your passport from another country and a copy of your Residential Permit.

Section 5(1)(a) 

You need proof of your parent’s citizenship in the form of a copy of their passports or birth certificates. You should provide your Declaration and Oath form, from the Citizenship Rules; through these two items. You’ll need these same items for 5(1)(d).

section 5(1)(c) 

You’ll need a copy of your marriage certificate and the proof of your spouse’s citizenship (copy of passport or birth certificate). In addition, you’ll need your Declaration and Oath.

Section 5(1)(e) 

You’ll need proof of your parents’ citizenship, your Declaration and Oath.

Section 5(1)(f) 

You are required to evidence that your parents were citizens under Independent India, along with your Declaration, Oath.

Section 5(1)(g) 

You need a copy of your Registration as an Overseas Citizen of India. You also need your Declaration and Oath.

Submit your documents for whatever category you lie in.

Finally, wait for the approval and renounce your previous citizenship.

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