How to apply for Canadian Citizenship?

Planning to get the citizenship of the Great White North Canada? But, unsure about the procedure? No Worries here we list all that is needed to become a citizen of the land full of friendly people and where the healthcare is of no charge.

The procedure to become a permanent citizen of the Maple land is not similar for all but it depends on your situation.

If you’re a minor

Well this makes the process a little tougher. Minors need their parent/legal guardian to fill out their application form, also they are required to be permanent residents in Canada. The parent/guardian involved must either be a citizen of Canda or are applying to become one.

Permanent resident (PR) status in Canada:

Permanent residents are those who have been given permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada, but is not a Canadian citizen. They are citizens of other countries.

People having PR can get help from a family member who lives in Canada or go through Quebec, which hosts special immigration requirements. PRs can’t vote, run for office, or hold some jobs with high-security clearance.

A skilled immigrants

The North American country has a fast-track system for immigration called Express Entry. All applicants into the fast-track system are given specific scores based on their talents and job prospects, following which immigrants are ranked among themselves. Those at the top of the rankings are invited for the permanent residentship.

Past Canadian citizen who want their citizenship back

Those have been a Canadian citizen and have become a permanent resident of Canada after losing Canadian citizenship can get their citizenship back.

They must have been physically present in Canada as a permanent resident for at least 365 days in the two years before applying.

People who have their Canadian citizenship taken away or be under a removal order cannot become citizens of Canada.

Spouses of Canadian citizens

No. Marrying a Canadian citizen doesn’t give you citizenship.

There isn’t a special process for spouses of Canadian citizens. If you want to become a Canadian citizen, you must follow the same steps as everyone else.

One must be physically present in Canada for a minimum of 1,095 days during the five years before applying. This includes time as a:

  • permanent resident (PR)
  • temporary resident (lawfully authorized to remain in Canada)
  • protected person

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