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International Day of Banks 2023: History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About bank

In addition to their widely recognized function of extending financial assistance to individuals, banks perform a multitude of community service initiatives.

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International Day of Banks 2023 History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About bank

International Day of Banks 2023: The International Day of Banks is observed annually on December 4 to recognize the vital role that banks play in supplying individuals with financial security-related information. In addition to their widely recognized function of extending financial assistance to individuals, banks perform a multitude of community service initiatives. The U.N. General Assembly proclaimed June 20th International Day of Banks in an effort to raise awareness regarding the contribution that international development banks can make to sustainable development. By providing information and facilitating the sustainable development of member nations, banks contribute to the achievement of the international community’s objectives.

International Day of Banks History

The United Nations General Assembly established International Day of Banks to recognize the significance of banks and their contribution to community development and financial stability. Financial institutions include banks. They borrow funds in the form of current deposits or savings accounts from members of the public, which they subsequently advance to individuals in need who can furnish collateral. The fundamental emergence of banking emerged from the barter system’s straightforward application of credit through the exchange of collateral.

Seen throughout Europe, institutions founded by affluent Italian families during the Renaissance served as the foundation for contemporary banking. Prior to the introduction of banknotes, merchants would entrust the storage of their gold to financiers until banks established a more permanent presence in the community finances. Presently, banks undertake a multitude of responsibilities on behalf of their clientele, encompassing investment, personal, corporate, transaction, insurance, consumer finance, and trade finance.

Development banks provide credit and direct government investments by offering financial assistance to private and public institutions; they do not take deposits from the general public. Prior to generating a profit, development banks are primarily devoted to serving the public interest as a whole. In recognition of the significant contribution that development banks make to the financial health and overall progress of a region, the United Nations established International Day of Banks.

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FAQs regarding the International Day of Banks

What are the primary responsibilities of development banks?

Development banks finance initiatives that contribute to the expansion of the economies of developing regions. They secure long-term financing through the utilization of supplementary resources, both public and private, and by accessing untapped funding channels.

Who is the term for a bank employee?

A bank employee may be referred to as a bank clerk or banker. Depending on their duties, they might also appear as a bank clerk, treasurer, accountant, bursar, or bookkeeper.

What is the term for a collection of banks?

The collective of financial institutions is referred to as a consortium. In more precise terms, a consortium of banks pertains to the collaboration of multiple financial institutions in order to provide financing for a solitary borrower. Group banking, which refers to a corporation’s control over two or more financial institutions, is an analogous concept.

International Day of Banks 2023 Activities

Educate yourself on development institutions

Although they do not accept deposits, development banks assist public and private institutions in achieving their financial objectives. Read up on them, as you may require one in the future.

Construct information packages

Promote the activity of development banks and their mission. Their services could be advantageous to your community.

Commence a discussion

Collaborate with local development banks and community leaders to organize a discussion regarding financial instruments. Sharing the information and resources that development banks possess is an excellent approach.

Five bank-related facts that will shock you

Byzantine Babylon and Assyria

Grain loans secured by collateral were extended by merchants in ancient Assyria, which probably marked the inception of early banking.

Distinguished Medici bank

In 1397, one of the most renowned institutions was established in Italy.

The word ‘bank’ originated from the Italian word ‘table’.

Early Italian financiers utilized benches and tables, known as ‘banc’ in Old High German and ‘banca’ in Old Italian, which initially functioned as exchange counters but eventually came to symbolize the transactions themselves.

America contains the most institutions.

In relation to the aggregate count of establishments and branches, the United States possesses the greatest quantity of banks abroad.

Contributing to the Finance of Climate

The United Nations has mandated that development institutions make a combined contribution of approximately $100 billion towards climate financing.


Year Date Day
2023 December 4 Monday
2024 December 4 Wednesday
2025 December 4 Thursday
2026 December 4 Friday
2027 December 4 Saturday