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Laxmi Puja 2023: Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Laxmi Puja

In Hinduism, 'Puja' denotes the act of worship, while 'Laxmi' signifies prosperity and fortune.

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Laxmi Puja 2023 Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Laxmi Puja

Laxmi Puja 2023: Laxmi Puja is traditionally observed on the 15th day of the Kartik month in the Hindu calendar, which corresponds to approximately mid-October to mid-November in the Gregorian calendar. It occurs this year on November 13. In Hinduism, ‘Puja’ denotes the act of worship, while ‘Laxmi’ signifies prosperity and fortune. Consequently, if you have yet to deduce it, Laxmi Puja signifies the observance of the deity associated with opulence. In order to cordially receive the deity Lady Luck, individuals adorn their dwellings with decorations and clean supplications, light lamps in her vicinity to direct her entrance and recite prayers to appease her and obtain her favor.

Laxmi Puja History

There are numerous legends in mythology regarding the day’s origin. Let us illuminate a limited number of them. The initial narrative concerns a formidable monarch and his spouse, who is purported to be a reincarnation of the deity Laxmi. Rama was forcibly removed from his legitimate realm. His spouse, Sita, and sibling, Lakshman, accompanied him on his fourteen-year exile to a forest. Upon their monarch’s reappearance, the subjects of the realm adorned their dwellings with lanterns as a gesture of hospitality.

An additional ancient legend states that the deity Laxmi emerged from the ocean’s churning. Indeed, that is correct; the ocean underwent churning. A formidable serpent encircled a vast mountain; demons grasped one extremity of the serpent, while deities retained the other. As they individually tugged at one end, churning commenced. During this time, numerous objects materialized, such as the goddess Laxmi, the most potent poison, an elixir of immortality, and so forth.

The puja ceremony is currently reminiscent of the holiday season. As ornamentation, oil lamps, candles, and faerie lights adorn the dwellings. At the entrance of the home, Rangolis are created in a manner analogous to the adornment of a Christmas tree. On this day, extravagant presents, preferably made of gold and silver, are purchased, and loved ones pay each other visits. Additionally, children sing melodies in small groups that resemble Christmas carols as they visit neighborhoods.

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Laxmi Puja 2023 FAQs

What time is the Laxmi Puja in Nepal today?

Annually, the dates and timings of Laxmi Puja differ. The information can be obtained from local priests or temples.

What is the purpose of the Nepalese Tihar festival?

An animal that makes a positive contribution to the community is honored on each day of Tihar. It seeks to express gratitude to mother nature for the community-beneficial offerings (in the form of animals).

What is the Nepalese term for Diwali?

Comparable to the Laxmi Puja observed in Nepal, Diwali is observed in the subcontinent adjacent to China.

Laxmi Puja 2023 Activities

Produce rangoli.

Rangoli is an ornate geometric design executed at the front door of a dwelling through the utilization of powdered hues and blossoms. It has the potential to be therapeutic if executed properly.

Bring the inner radiance to life

Eliminate not only filthy habits and regressive beliefs, but also limiting ones. As you illuminate lamps throughout your home, emanate positive energy into your consciousness.

Offer a prayer to the deity of success.

Don fresh garments, preferably those in vibrant hues, and pay obeisance at the closest temple dedicated to the deity Laxmi by presenting sweets and fruits as offerings. Offer gratitude and prayer to Laxmi for the positive aspects of your existence.

Five Interesting Laxmi Puja Facts

This occurs during a national festival.

The third day of the five-day Hindu festival of Tihar, which is observed in Nepal, is Laxmi Puja.

The day is shared by it and Gai Tihar.

Gai Tihar, an expression of gratitude towards the cows, is additionally observed on the third day of the Tihar festival. In contrast to the Laxmi Puja ceremonies, which typically commence in the evening, the Gai Tihar ritual transpires throughout the day.

Fingerprints of Laxmi

By including small footprints in the rangoli, devotees direct the deity Laxmi to the puja bench within their residences and to her designated location in the temple.

Everybody desires blessings.

Additionally, shops and businesses observe Laxmi Puja in an effort to obtain the deity of prosperity’s favor.

Caroling accompanies the celebration.

By articulating traditional hymns such as Bhailo and Deusi, young children are bestowed with monetary rewards, fruits, and sweets from the residences in the vicinity.


Year Date Day
2023 November 12 Sunday
2024 November 1 Friday
2025 October 20 Monday
2026 November 8 Sunday