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Madhya Pradesh polls turn virtual with BJPs ‘Cyber Yodhas’ and Congress’ ‘Rajiv ke Sipahi’

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Madhya Pradesh polls turn virtual with BJPs ‘Cyber Yodhas’ and Congress’ and ‘Rajeev Ke Sipahi’
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Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh’s poll battle has turned virtual with bot h BJP and Congress ready to take on each other with Cyber Yodhas and Rajiv ke Sipahi respectively.

At the district level, both the parties have full-fledged plans. While the BJP has planned workshops to equip and educate its cyber warriors, the congress has ‘claimed achievements’ in the last 15 years.

Saffron Cyber Yodhas

The saffron party’s cyber cell has 50 dedicated warriors operating 24×7 to capture voters’ attention ahead of the assembly polls.

Their tech strategy not only consists of posts and retweets but also a detailed social media and data analysis and projections against their political rivals.

The primary campaign strategists are 5 cyber warriors who work under the guidance of tech-savvy expert Shivraj Singh Dabi.

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The professional manpower of the party consists of 11 members in 56 organisational districts, six each in 838 mandals and one each in 65000 booths which amounts to a total of 70,544 techies.

Dabi further emphasized that, “A peep into the state BJPs high-tech cyber cell years, planning strategic operations on state and central government achievements. The mission is to ensure that the party wins as many seats as possible and form the government for the fourth consecutive time.” He also mentioned that most of the information about how the cell works cannot be disclosed to the public

15 of the 50 odd-key members, work in shifts while the rest supervise activities of the party and its rivals, while maintaining a contact with 65000 booth-level warriors.

Congress’s Rajiv ke Sipahi

“Congress’s ‘Rajeev ke Sipahi will have its IT cell workers spread out at each level to counter BJP social media onslaught” said state Congress’s IT cell convener Dharmendra Vajpayee. A set of negative spoof videos went against its top leader went viral.

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Though BJP denied its involvement with the parody videos, the congress avoided going negative on the social media.

Congress maintained that all its content will be issue based against BJP, instead of cracking jokes against the leaders said Vajpayee.

Vajpayee further added that there are 65000 booths in the state and our party will have at least one person to work on social media and more personnel will be trained by August 15, apart from 20000 that are already on job.