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National Avery Day 2023: Date, History, Significance, and Facts

It is an English and French name for boys and girls, which may explain its prevalence in the United States despite its European origin.

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National Avery Day 2023: Date, History, Significance, and Facts

National Avery Day 2023: National Avery Day is observed on May 7 to honour and respect everyone in the world who identifies with the surname Avery. It is an English and French name for boys and girls, which may explain its prevalence in the United States despite its European origin. The name is believed to have originated in Anglo-Saxon times from the words ‘aelf’ and ‘ric,’ signifying ‘elf’ and ‘ruler’ literally ‘ruler of elves.’ Elves are believed to be diminutive, shape-shifting, fairy-like creatures that inhabit forest kingdoms and other mythical locations.


National Avery Day is a celebration of the large number of people around the globe who share and bear this appealing name. Avery is derived from the words ‘aelf’ and ‘ric’, which mean ‘elf’ and ‘ruler’, respectively. Its derivations form the phrase ‘ruler of fairies.’ Some claim that it signifies ‘wise.’ The latter may derive from the knowledge attributed to elves — legendary entities believed to have superior hearing and magical abilities. From the 1800s to the latter half of the 1900s, Avery was a frequently used boy’s name. Beginning in the twenty-first century, it was only used for females. Surprisingly, as it came to be given to girls, its popularity as a boy’s name declined dramatically.

Despite this, the name is still considered gender-neutral. According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, Avery was the nineteenth most popular girls’ name in 2020 and the 212th most popular boys’ name. 2013 was the most popular year for the name, when it ranked as the twelfth most popular girl’s name. It has been rated among the top 20 since 2011. In 1989, it was ranked 971 on the list of the most popular girls’ names, a meteoric rise from its position just 10 years earlier.

The N.B.A. basketball player Avery Bradley, the U.S. basketball coach Avery Johnson, the American actor Avery Brooks, who played Captain Benjamin Sisko in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” the American multitalented actress Annabella Avery Thorne, and the American actor Troian Avery Bellisario bear the name. Are you prepared to observe National Avery Day? Consider the following information regarding the origin of the unique name.


Adopt the moniker as a diminutive

Celebrate by adding Avery to your name today. It could be a nickname or a middle name. Regardless of your choice, you must grant yourself the title of Ruler of Elves.

Learn about its past

Investigate the history of the name and discover fascinating facts about its bearers. You never know what you could discover.

Send out pleasantries

Another way to commemorate this day is by saluting all the lovely women and dashing men you know whose name is Avery. Let them know it’s their special day today.

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Five details about the name Avery

It’s adaptable

Avery is the most common genderless name in the United States.

People’s viewpoints

People view the name as being excellent, contemporary, wholesome, peculiar, and refined.

There are several distinct pronunciations

The name is pronounced with two syllables in the North and three syllables in the South of the United States.

TV has contributed to the rise in popularity of.

The entertainment industry played a significant role in spreading the name Avery by casting actresses with the name.

It’s a reference to an island

The National Register of Historic Places includes Avery Island, a salt rock dome in Louisiana, United States, on its list of historic sites.


It has a fascinating significance.

It signifies mystique, fantasy, originality, and imagination. Inform someone named Avery of the unique origin of their name!

It is adaptable

The name’s gender neutrality allows it to signify a wide range of individuals. We adore it due to its widespread appeal.

It is enjoyable

We appreciate name days for the enjoyable and memorable activities that close friends, coworkers, and family members can organise. Honour this magnificent name today!


Year Date Day
2023 May 7 Sunday
2024 May 7 Tuesday
2025 May 7 Wednesday
2026 May 7 Thursday
2027 May 7 Friday