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National Dog Show Broadcast 2023: Activities, Dates, FAQs, History, and Facts About Dogs

Each year, over 200 dog breeds compete in the show, which is roughly half of the total dog breeds in the world.

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National Dog Show Broadcast 2023 Activities, Dates, FAQs, History, and Facts About Dogs

National Dog Show Broadcast 2023: Annually, on November 23, the National Dog Show Broadcast is aired on Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday of November. Each year, over 200 dog breeds compete in the show, which is roughly half of the total dog breeds in the world. It consists of a benched two-hour performance that is packed with attendees of the actual event. Breeders and spectators are able to converse with the dog proprietors and get a closer look at the animals. The canines are evaluated according to the degree to which they satisfy the breed’s requirements for structure, temperament, movement, and appearance.

National Dog Show Broadcast History

Dogs have accompanied prehistoric humans since their inception, serving various purposes such as hunting, protecting their homes and families, issuing warnings, and warding off predators. Dogs have become a part of many families and even companions over time, which has contributed to their status as one of the most cherished animals.

The Kennel Club of Philadelphia initiated the National Dog Show in 1879 under the title “The Kennel Club of Philadelphia Dog Show.” It spent several tumultuous years searching for the ideal location before deciding on the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania. The president of NBC approached the Kennel Club’s leader, Wayne Ferguson. Following extensive deliberation, the National Dog Show Broadcast was inaugurated. Since 2001, dog enthusiasts have continued to praise the program. Fast becoming a domestic custom, Thanksgiving Day viewings of The Dog Show have become an institution.

As sanctioned by the American Kennel Club, The Dog Show has typically featured over 2,000 competitors and 197 dog species since its inception. The program includes competitions for ‘Best in show,’ ‘First in a group,’ and ‘Best of breed,’ which pit various dog varieties against one another. Dogs delight in displaying their distinctive attributes and what makes them exceptional. Since the National Dog Show occurs earlier in November, the broadcast is invariably pre-recorded. It is a highly anticipated and beloved event that attracts more than 20 million viewers annually. It unites family, friends, and loved ones as they witness these magnificent dogs demonstrate their extraordinary abilities while gathered around the television.

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FAQs On the National Dog Show Broadcast

When does National Dog Week premiere on CBS?

It airs across all time zones from noon to 2:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

How does one observe the live AKC National Championship dog show?

In the absence of a Roku device and account, individuals may access the A.K.C.tv homepage via a personal computer, laptop, or smartphone in order to view live programming.

Philadelphia hosts the National Dog Exhibition for what purpose?

It is performed in Philadelphia due to the historical and prestigious nature of the show. The national television coverage features the seven Best in Show competitors and various group victors. There are over two hundred varieties represented.

Activities of the National Dog Show Broadcast

Observe the Show

Each year, the exhibition is conducted in Philadelphia, and attendance is permitted. Secure your tickets and seats in advance to witness the performance in person and experience its vitality in a more intimate manner.

Declare your canine as a participant.

This increases the enjoyment of the day. Registration is available for individuals who are dog trainers or possess well-trained canines of one of the permitted breeds, allowing them to partake in enjoyable activities. Who is aware? You may very well be the fortunate recipient.

Observe the live transmission

Even if you are unable to attend in person or do not own a dog to register for the competition, you can still partake in the celebration by tuning in live and supporting your beloved dog. Congregate your close friends and family in order to witness the mesmerizing exhibitions of these extraordinary creatures.

Five Interesting Facts Regarding Dogs

Sense of odor

A dog has forty times the sense of smell as a human.

Astute canines

A typical dog has the intelligence of a two-year-old.

Perspiring soles

Dogs have sweat glands located beneath their feet; therefore, it is beneficial to moisten the pads on hot days.

Numerous varieties

Each one of the more than three hundred dog varieties is distinct and unique.

Canines in the medical industry

Cancer and other diseases can be detected by dogs via waste products or even the breath of a human.


Year Date Day
2023 November 23 Thursday
2024 November 28 Thursday
2025 November 27 Thursday
2026 November 26 Thursday