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National Cashew Day 2023: History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About cashews

This kidney-shaped seed is well-liked not only in the United States but also internationally.

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National Cashew Day 2023 History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About cashews

National Cashew Day 2023: National Cashew Day is observed throughout the United States annually on November 23. This kidney-shaped seed is well-liked not only in the United States but also internationally. They have countless applications; one could snack on them, use them in cooking, or even get inebriated off of them. Undoubtedly, cashews are among the most distinguished seeds and merit a day devoted to their appreciation. National Cashew Day is an occasion to celebrate the versatile, savory, and crunchy kernel in a variety of ways.

The History of National Cashew Day

The term ‘cashew’ originates from the Portuguese for its fruit, ‘caju’ or ‘acaju,’ which is derived from the Tupian word ‘acajú,’ signifying a self-producing seed. In contrast to other nuts, cashews emerge from the underside of cashew fruits like tails. Although cashew trees are typically enormous, one in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, spans over 81,000 square feet and is nearly seventy times the size of a typical cashew tree! Because the cashew nut’s outermost layer contains anacardic acid, which causes skin irritation, Europeans initially deemed cashews inedible when they discovered them in Brazil in 1558.

The Portuguese were shown the value of the actual seed by the Tupi-Indians, a local indigenous tribe they had observed observing the capuchin primates. The Portuguese were instructed to roast the seeds in order to remove the irritant. They not only came to appreciate the flavor of cashews, but also utilized the flesh from their fruit to produce wine. Due to the Portuguese missionaries’ intense admiration for the kernel, cashews were introduced to Goa, India, in 1560. Because of the favourable climatic conditions, cashews exploded in popularity throughout India.

In addition, the Indians discovered the nut’s medicinal properties, which increased its popularity. Rapidly disseminating across Southeast Asia and Africa, cashews eventually became indispensable components of their commerce and cuisine. In 1905, cashews were introduced to the United States. The cashews experienced a gradual assimilation in popularity until the mid-1920s, when the General Food Corporation initiated consistent shipments of them to the United States and Europe. As soon as Americans sampled them, cashew demand skyrocketed. An estimated 22,046.23 tons were imported from India on an annual basis by 1941.

These nuts have been shown to be efficient antidepressants in scientific studies. Particularly prevalent in Asian and Latin American cuisine, they are an ideal ingredient for soups, stews, and desserts due to their high mineral and vitamin content. Additional components of the primary plant, such as the fruit, pulp, oil, and foliage, possess equivalent value.

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FAQs for National Cashew Day

Is it acceptable to consume cashews daily?

Cashews contain an abundance of nutrients. It is safe to consume three to four cashew kernels per day, on average.

Cashews: detrimental to the skin?

In fact, cashews are rich in antioxidants, which are beneficial to the epidermis.

Cashews as a weight increase agent?

As with the majority of nuts, cashews are rich in oil and calories. By modifying daily consumption in accordance with weight-related objectives, it is possible to consume cashews without experiencing weight gain.

Participation in National Cashew Day Activities

Consume nuts

Celebrating National Cashew Day with cashews isn’t enhanced. You may prepare them however you wish, including roasted.

Prepare using cashews

There are countless delectable cashew recipes, ranging from savory to sweet, sautéed to baked. They can also be incorporated into other dishes. Commence your culinary endeavors while donning your chef’s hat on National Cashew Day.

In place of pistachios

In lieu of certain essential items on your weekly purchasing list, consider substituting cashew-based alternatives. Cashew oil, cashew butter (similar to peanut butter), and much more are available.

Five fascinating facts concerning cashews

They are favorites in America.

The United States is the primary consumer of over 90% of the total cashews produced on a global scale.

They have verdant births.

Prior to the roasting of their seeds, cashews are green.

They may cause intoxication.

Feni, or fermented and distilled cashew apple liquid, comprises 40–42% alcohol.

They treat abdominal pain.

Traditional Mayan medicine addresses diarrhea with a tea made from the bark or leaves of cashews.

A commonplace nut

In addition to being utilized in the production of brake liners, lubricants, and waterproofing materials, cashew kernels were also employed in the manufacturing of weapons during World War II.


Year Date Day
2023 November 23 Thursday
2024 November 23 Saturday
2025 November 23 Sunday
2026 November 23 Monday
2027 November 23 Tuesday