Rajasthan: Drowsy woman drowns 6 month old son to death, returns to sleep
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Rajasthan: Drowsy woman drowns 6-month-old son to death, returns to sleep

In an appalling incident, a six-month-old baby boy was allegedly drowned by her own mother. The body of the infant was found in a house of the water tank on Sunday. Police have arrested the mother of the child.

The incident took place in Saraswati colony under Borekheda police station of the city. Police investigation reveals that the 35-year-old mother allegedly in sleep took the baby to the second floor of her house and drowned him into a water tank and returned to sleep in the room.

As per the police, there is no other member present in the room to be suspected to have committed the crime. The three family members including parents and grandmother were on the first floor of the building. On this ground, the woman was strictly interrogated by the police which is when she broke down and confessed to having committed the crime.

The woman told the police that she unknowingly woke up at night and took the baby and drowned him into the rooftop water tank and came down to resume sleeping. The motive behind the crime is yet to be probed as the woman herself doesn’t know how she committed the crime.

The incident came to light when the husband woke up around 1.30 am and found the baby missing. The accused mother did not tell him that she has drowned him into the tank but pretended to help the family members in search of the baby.

However, the grandmother found the baby lying dead inside the rooftop tank.

Although no past history, physiological or mental disorder has come up in the case of the mother, police will still investigate the matter with this angle.

Also, the police told that the woman has earlier lost two children and later she lost another one due to miscarriage.

The woman was arrested and booked under section 302 (murder) IPC.

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