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Skin Care: 5 common monsoon skin infections and cure

While the season brings us pleasant weather, it also draws several infections related to skin.

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Skin Care: Here are 5 common monsoon skin infections and cure

Monsoon arrival is nothing less than a scenic beauty wherein the greenery around flourishes and birds chirping is loud and clear to our ears. While the season brings us pleasant weather, it also draws several infections related to skin.

Owing to excessive rainfall, increased humidity, and water stagnation, we are at a risk of various skin infections and other diseases. Many issues need to be dealt with by taking proper care and by ensuring that you treat your skin the correct way.

We have listed for you few skin infections that prevails in monsoon and their cure:


These mites are usually invisible to the naked eye and provide discomfort through intense itching and skin rashes.  During the rains, there is no escape from being in contact with contaminated water. This gives way to scabies, a contagious water-related disease, caused by parasitic mites.  it is advisable to seek medical treatment because if left untreated, it can prove fatal and spread among the people around you through shared clothing, bedding, and so on.

Athlete’s foot:

This is a common monsoon skin problem that people tend to face because of constantly keeping your feet enclosed or in contact with water or simply failing to wipe the parts in between your toes clean and dry. Fungal infections occur due to keeping your feet damp for longer periods and these infections can spread to your toenails and the sides of your feet. Wash your feet and dry them thoroughly when you are back home from work or playing on the field and ensure there is no scaling, flakiness, or itchiness.


It is a non-contagious dermatological condition characterized by skin inflammation, redness, and itchiness. The affected area of the skin also appears rough and cracked with the formation of blisters. People with eczema or sensitive skin should be extra careful during the monsoon.


This is a bacteria or fungus-induced infection of the hair follicles. This makes the hair follicle swell up, sometimes even leading to pus. To cure, try using a medicated cream or cold sponging on affected areas.


The red, circular patches that you observe on your neck, armpits, or soles of your feet during monsoon could be ringworm, a fungal infection thanks to the moist climate. Since this disease spreads to body parts rapidly and easily through contact, you must make sure that your belongings are not shared with anyone, and your skin is kept clean always.


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