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Before the latest ad pull, Pepsi mocked FTII students and got away with it

Soft drink giant, PepsiCo, recently withdrew its latest advertisement campaign, “Live for Now Moments” after huge social media backlash. The ad was criticized for co-opting protest movements and appropriating an iconic photograph from the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s a shocker at least for the Indian audience. In October 2015,[Read More…]

African envoys slam racial attack on students

African Group Head of Missions in New Delhi has expressed displeasure over the attack on African students in Greater Noida. Calling the attack as xenophobic and racial, the organisation said that “sufficient and visible deterring measures” were not taken by the government. “(We) strongly condemn the incident and express deep concern[Read More…]

Five arrested after attack on Nigerian students

Uttar Pradesh police arrested five people in connection with the attack on Nigerian students in Greater Noida The four Nigerian students were attacked by a mob during a candle-light march for a 17-year-old boy who had died on Saturday. “Police have arrested five persons. FIR registered and action will be[Read More…]

US becoming a Muslim-unfriendly country: Survey

Racist video aimed at Indians surfaces on Internet

Days after the report of hate crimes against Indians, an anti-immigration website that features the video and photo of Indian families chilling in Ohio has Indian communities across the US worried. A report titled “Ohio – A Journey to Indian Park”, and an accompanying video, has been posted in the[Read More…]

Source: The Hindu

The BJP Doesn’t Care About Racism

After the Facebook post of a Manipuri girl accusing an immigration officer of alleged racial slur went viral on social media earlier this week, there has been much speculation about racism yet again. In our discourse, such discussions come to the fore only in the aftermath of crimes, be it[Read More…]

Dallas shooting: 4 officers shot dead, 11 injured

In one of the deadliest attacks on the law enforcement, two snipers from elevated positions opened fire at a protest in Dallas, Texas, killing four officers and injuring eleven on Thursday evening (Friday morning IST). Homeland Security officers arrived at the scene to take stock of the situation. The attack[Read More…]

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