Alarming! Bihar may face drought crisis due to 42% less rainfall than usual
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Alarming! Bihar may face drought crisis due to 42% less rainfall than usual

The danger of drought has increased in Bihar as the state received 42 percent less rainfall than usual. Earlier this week, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had brought the severe drought alerts into light, raising many issues such as deepened water level and shortage of food for animals due to low rainfall. Even the general public would be adversely affected, added CM Nitish.

It is a weather warning for the state because due to the absence of water, only 14.80 percent of the entire state has been able to feed paddy till now. Maize sowing has also been affected. Paddy husk is drying and where the plantation has taken place, the plants are also getting yellow.

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According to the Water Resource Department, the effect of decreasing rainfall has also started to appear in the reservoirs of Patna. Out of 23 reservoirs built to irrigate the canals and crops, only few have water. The condition of nine reservoirs is very bad.

On the forehead of the farmers, the streak of worry has been drawn. More than half of July has passed and only 15 percent of the targeted fields have been planted.

Due to low rainfall, many paddy fields of Meenapura and koodani have dried up, which has become a cause of concern for the state. In the current Kharif season, the Agriculture Department had decided to cultivate 4.75 lakh hectare of maize in paddy. However, out of 34 lakh hectares till July 16, maize has been sown only in 26,4870 hectares. According to the statistics, field of Bhojpur, Nawada, Lakhisarai, Jamui, Banka and Khagaria have dried severely, failing to cultivate crops. Although Champaran, Sitamarhi and Mithilanchal areslightly better in condition.

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