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Flag Day Mexico 2024: Activities, FAQs, Dates, and History

Flag Day Mexico 2024, officially "Día de la Bandera," celebrates the Aztec legend of an eagle eating a serpent on a cactus.

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Flag Day Mexico 2024 (Mexico) Activities, FAQs, Dates, and History

Flag Day Mexico 2024 (Mexico): Flag Day, officially referred to as “Día de la Bandera” in Mexico, has been observed annually on February 24 since its inception. For those unaware, the contemporary Mexican flag portrays an eagle perched atop a cactus while consuming a serpent. This intriguing emblem originates from an Aztec legend in which the Aztecs perceived this occurrence as a divine sign after witnessing it.

Consequently, they established their empire in that location, which is now the capital of Mexico, Mexico City. As a result, Mexicans around the globe observe this day as a celebration of national pride, and we are delighted to participate in the festivities as a token of appreciation and solidarity for everything the Mexican culture has to offer.

Flag Day Mexico History

General Lazaro Cardenas, who was the president of Mexico at the time, established Da de la Bandera (Flag Day) in 1937. The occasion occurred beneath a monument honoring General Vicente Guerrero, who in 1821 became the inaugural individual to swear allegiance to the Mexican flag. In 1935, Bank of Mexico employee Benito Ramirez organized an unprecedented honor guard in observance of the Mexican flag, further tracing back the inception of this particular day.

Jose Magdaleno Ocampo conceived the Mexican flag in 1821; the three colors symbolized religion, independence, and unity—the three fundamental tenets of the ‘Plan de Iguala.’ The Mexican flag, colloquially referred to as the “Pendon Trigarante,” symbolizes the nation’s triumph over Spain shortly after its conception. The colors of the present day symbolize blood, purity, and hope.

It is a day to commemorate the nation’s eleven-year laborious pursuit of independence against Spain, commonly referred to as the War of Independence. The conflict with Spain lasted from 1810 to 1821. In 1823, the people deposed the Catholic monarchy and proclaimed Mexico a federal republic; the Constitution of 1824 ratified this transformation. Although not officially recognized as a holiday in Mexico, Mexicans proudly fly the flag atop businesses and buildings and observe the military erect a massive Mexican flag, making this day a source of national pride. A civic-military parade and an official affair at the Mexican National Palace are additional festivities. Included in community celebrations are historical reenactments and performances.

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Flag Day Mexico 2024 (Mexico) FAQs

Where in Mexico does the nation’s grandest flag ceremony take place?

The National Palace, a cathedral, and other magnificent buildings surround Mexico City’s central square, the Zócalo, making it a sight to behold day and night. However, two ceremonies are particularly noteworthy: one at 6 a.m. and the other at 6 p.m. Additionally, people consider it the geographical center of Mexico.

What is the national dish of Mexico on Flag Day?

Chiles en ‘nogada’ are filled varieties that resemble green Chiles’rellenos. People coat them in a creamy walnut sauce (white) and sprinkle pomegranate seeds (red) on top. Since 1821, when nuns wanted to commemorate a visiting

Why is Flag Day observed in Mexico?

Mexicans observe national heritage on February 24 annually and reflect on the significance of the “Bandera” (a symbol of colors, white, and green). The celebration commemorates the Mexicans’ triumph over the Spanish during the eleven-year War of Independence.

Flag Day Activities in Mexico

Commemorate everything Mexican

Appear at the festivities of your Mexican acquaintances or indulge in delectable traditional Mexican fare. There are numerous opportunities to demonstrate solidarity on this day, regardless of one’s Mexican heritage.

Strengthen your Spanish

Additionally, this day may inspire you to review your Spanish. Utilize the fact that Spanish is one of the most extensively studied and spoken languages in the world as motivation to begin studying or resume where you previously left off.

Acquire knowledge of Mexican history.

Considering the historical significance of this day in the country of Mexico, it is worthwhile to delve into the annals of history to trace the captivating trajectory of the nation, wherein one encounters an array of vibrant legends, folklore, and traditions. If literature is not to your liking, there are also numerous documentaries and films available.


Year Date Day
2024 February 24 Saturday
2025 February 24 Monday
2026 February 24 Tuesday
2027 February 24 Wednesday
2028 February 24 Thursday


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