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National Green Bean Casserole Day 2023: History, Dates, FAQs, Activities, and Facts About green bean

As the approaching holidays approach, it is prudent to commence preparations immediately.

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National Green Bean Casserole Day 2023 History, Dates, FAQs, Activities, and Facts About green bean

National Green Bean Casserole Day 2023: December 3 is National Green Bean Casserole Day, an occasion to honor the dish and its noteworthy history. As the approaching holidays approach, it is prudent to commence preparations immediately. There is no detrimental effect in doing so. Green bean casserole is a popular dish throughout the United States of America due to its straightforward preparation, minimal time investment, and simple ingredient list.

Naturally, green beans and cream of mushroom soup are two of the primary components. Either a combination of the two is achieved, or they are stacked upon one another. Adding french fried onions, which are crisp and velvety in consistency, to the dish transforms it into something satiety-inducing and balanced in terms of nutrients. The recipe’s inception caused a significant revolution in the American culinary landscape, to the extent that its creator, Dorcas Lillian Bates Reilly, is inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside Muhammad Ali and Thomas Edison.

National Green Bean Casserole Day History

Jace Shoemaker-Galloway established National Green Bean Casserole Day as a holiday. Her writing career has encompassed numerous eccentric and extraordinary holidays, and has been recognized for contributions to Yahoo, Planet Save, Energy Boom, and numerous others. After conducting research on these types of holidays, Shoemaker-Galloway began to appreciate the joy and celebration that distinctive holidays typically entail. One of the most notable and acclaimed holiday initiatives conceived by the author was National Green Bean Casserole Day. This day honors the customary holiday dish that about 20 million Americans worldwide eat. Approximately fifty percent of green bean casserole recipes are reportedly prepared between November and January, when the holiday season is at its height.

Consequently, how did this cuisine originate? It was established in 1955 within the Campbell Soup Company’s Home Economics Department. The company at the time employed Dorcas Reilly, who was the dish’s primary inventor, as a manager and recipe developer. The objective was to produce a dish utilizing commonplace items found in the kitchen of the average American. Reilly and her group assembled a dish from five ingredients within ten minutes.

As the world continued to recover from the devastation of World War II, effortless recipes were extremely popular. The dish was originally referred to as the “Green Bean Bake.” Although the formula provided a convenient means of addressing hunger in a matter of minutes, its popularity did not surge until the 1960s, when the Campbell Soup Company incorporated it onto their soup cans. Subsequently, green bean casserole was incorporated into Thanksgiving dishes. Additionally, Reilly earned the moniker “grandmother of the green bean casserole.”

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FAQs for National Green Bean Casserole Day

What is the origin of the green bean casserole dish?

In 1955, Dorcas Reilly created the green bean casserole at the Campbell Soup Company. It was prepared with commonplace items found in the pantry of the average American household, such as french fried shallots, green beans, and cream of mushroom soup.

Is National Green Bean Day observed?

National Bean Day is observed on January 6 and is not dedicated to green beans, but rather to beans of every color, shape, and size.

In which location is green bean casserole most prevalent?

In Kentucky, where nearly 80% of the population either “really like” or “absolutely love” the dish, it is the most popular.

Observing National Green Bean Casserole Day: A Guide

Construct a green bean gratin.

On those days when you are feeling particularly lethargic but still want to consume something cozy and comforting, this dish is ideal. You may be thinking that this is a holiday dish, but we would also like to clarify that it was originally designed as a regular fare, particularly for those days when you simply do not feel like cooking. Consequently, what are you awaiting?

Tailor it to your preferences.

One notable quality of a green bean casserole dish is its remarkable versatility. You can personalize the dish by substituting additional ingredients for the primary ones. During the recipe’s development phase, it contained celery salt, Worcestershire sauce, and ham; however, these components were omitted in an effort to reduce the number of ingredients to an absolute minimum. However, they would still contribute to a delicious and satiating casserole.

Green bean casserole buffet gathering

Gather your friends and family for a luncheon featuring green bean casseroles. Each guest is permitted to bring a green bean casserole dish that they have customized. It would contribute to an extraordinarily delightful and enjoyable day.

Five green bean facts that will astound you

Green legumes in a pink-white hue

Flowers of the green bean plant can be found in hues such as pink, white, and purple.

Embryo chambers

Edible pods are green bean pods, not the bizarre internet fad of inedible tidal pods.

Rich in nutrients

Green beans are loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and iron, making them an exceptionally nutritious food.

Slightly toxic in its unprocessed state

Consuming raw green beans will almost certainly expose you to contaminants that have been concentrated and stored within the plant.

Popular and uncomplicated

Following tomatoes and peppers, green beans are the most common plant cultivated in private gardens.


Year Date Day
2023 December 3 Sunday
2024 December 3 Tuesday
2025 December 3 Wednesday
2026 December 3 Thursday
2027 December 3 Friday