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Delhi police arrest UPSC website hacker

Delhi police detain teenager for hacking UPSC website

Delhi police finally get hold of a 17-year-old teenager who hacked the official website of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on September 27. The website upsc.gov.in was hacked on September 10 for few hours and as a result, the homepage started to display the image of popular cartoon character[Read More…]

Ransomware threat: No serious impact in India

On Monday, the Centre said that India is not a victim of the ransomware attack, adding that the government is keeping a very close watch to ensure that these attacks can be addressed in an effective manner. “As far as this cyber issue is concerned, the Government of India is[Read More…]

Ransomware attack hits 74 countries, says Kaspersky

Over 45,000 attacks of ransomware were recorded in 74 countries around the world, mostly in Russia. Kaspersky Lab, the cyber security and anti-virus provider’s Global Research and Analysis Team said, in these attacks, data is encrypted with the extension “.WCRY” added to the filenames. The attack, called as ‘WannaCry,’ is[Read More…]

Mumbai: In order to get refund for online purchase, Woman losses Rs 75,000

Bangladesh trains teenage girls to fight cyber crime

In order to tackle cyber-crime, Bangladesh on Tuesday began training thousands of teenage girls to fight the hysteric rise of social media-related abuses mostly targeting adolescents. As per the police, the online harassment levels have alarmingly rose in Bangladesh lately and it mostly targets young women. More than 10,000 school-age[Read More…]

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