Tej Pratap targeted PM Modi over the show ‘Tea with Tej Pratap at Mahua’
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Tej Pratap targeted PM Modi over the show ‘Tea with Tej Pratap at Mahua’

Bihar’s former health minister Tej Pratap Yadav, the eldest son of RJD President Lalu Prasad Yadav, targeted PM Modi  during a show ‘Tea with Tej Pratap at Mahua’.  On Sunday, while his visit to his assembly constituency Mahua, Tej Pratap was witnessed with his electoral mode on in full energy and passion. While sipping the tea, Tej Pratap targeted PM Narendra Modi, remarking ‘Crime is happening across the country but Narendra Modi has slept so much that it seems he has gone to coma.’

As this was his visit after a long while to Mahua, he conversed for hours about the state development, and made promises to resolve the complaints of the people.

Speaking on the issue of the next election, he said that Modi and Nitish should be eliminated from Bihar and even from the country because this government has failed due to its laxity. He said that nobody is afraid of Mr. Modi. “Let Mr. Modi do what he is supposed to. But he is simply taking the papers from the public domain and suppressing the press in the closed room. This is what people do who are desperate with politics and power”.

He himself said that it has been a long time that’s why he is going to his assembly constituency, Mahua, to look after the problems there. While all this conversation during the program ‘Tea with Tej Pratap at Mahua’Tej Pratap said he is ready with full confidence and public support for the next elections.


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