Rajasthan: Villagers call 75-year-old a "witch", beat her when seen outside
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Rajasthan: Villagers call 75-year-old a “witch”, beat her when seen outside

Bhilwara: In the Rama village that falls under Raipur Tehsil, Lehri, a 75-year-old has been taking the rounds of police stations and administration after her family declared her a “witch” and planned to ostracize her from the village.

It all began when Lehri’s brother-in-law’s son Narayana died of cancer after which the deceased’s wife has been accusing Lehri of being a witch. Following this, for every misshaping in the family, the members would accuse Lehri.

Soon the whole village turned against Lehri and whenever she is seen outside, people beat her.

If social worker Tara Ahluwalia is to be believed, this all is a plot to get hold of Lehri’s land. Police has registered a case after a complain by Naussi and Nathin, her daughters.

Lehri has attempted suicide multiple times due to the grief.

Sugna, granddaughter of Lehri had tried registering a case on December 25, 2018 at the tehsil’s police station, but it was not filed. Days later, a policeman went to Lehri’s house and asked about why she wants to register the case when the villagers have said that it has been resolved at the panchayat level. On January 8, when social worker Tara Ahluwalia reached the police station told that make the complaint through magistrate.

Bhura Ram Gurjar, husband of Lehri is paralyzed and can neither walk or talk.

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